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Life at Coupang


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[Fintech] Korea Fintech Week 2023

Coupang Pay took part in Korea Fintech Week 2023, a global fintech fair held from August 31 to September 1. Here’s a glimpse of Coupang Pay’s first foray into Korea Fintech Week.

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Coupang’s forward-looking eco-friendly plans

In the world of commerce, you can buy what you want anytime, anywhere. Coupang, who has been breaking the conventional wisdom in commerce, has become the main topic of discussion among ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) scholars these days.

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Introducing zero-emission Coupang Car

Want to learn how Coupang is making an effort for green delivery amid the climate crisis? Greensumers will surely like this video.

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The second chapter of my life has started at Coupang

A former singer, a former national, and even a former national athlete. At Coupang, we have many talented employees with diverse backgrounds. Today, we met with Hyerin — a former football player and a coach.

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Five reasons why I want to work at Coupang until my retirement

Daejin joined Coupang's ICQA (Inventory Control Quality Analysis) team in July 2020. When he joined, he was celebrating his last his last forties. He was worried about adapting to a new work environment since he wasn't "young" anymore.

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Employee stories |

What vacation looks like for Coupang’s delivery drivers

We believe a healthy work-life balance is important for our employees' physical, emotional, and mental health. We encourage our employees to take time off whenever they want. Coupang will continue to lead the parcel industry with our employees.


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Coupang Ads SMB (Small Medium Business) Diversity Program

Coupang Ads strives to create an organization where everyone can come together. SMB teams gathered to participate in activities,which focused on inclusion — taking a small step toward creating an organization.

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Employee stories |

Meet Danny — Tech Sourcing Team

Curious to know how Coupang strives to hire the best talents? The recruiting process starts with the Talent Sourcing Team. We met with Danny, who internally transferred to the Tech Sourcing team last year, to hear about his experience.

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Employee stories |

Meet Dongbai — VP of Emerging Commerce Engineering

We met Dongbai, VP of Emerging Commerce Engineering to learn more about his vision, engineering excellence, culture and how he is taking Coupang’s service to the next level with technology.