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Life at Coupang

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Being a good design leader — Meet Amber & Nelly

What does it mean to be a good leader?  We met with Amber, who designs the overall purchase experience in Coupang app, and Nelly, who leads E-commerce UX in Korea and globally, to learn more about Coupang’s Design team.  

9.15 Alok

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Meet Alok Goyal — Rocket Growth Engineering

Coupang is breaking tradeoffs by providing high-quality selection and convenience at the best price for our customers. Meet Alok, the leader of the Rocket Growth organization and learn about the culture & opportunities for engineers.e

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Employee stories |

Meet Rannie — Coupang UX Design leader

Coupang’s designers, researchers, and content strategists have been improving customer experience to respond swiftly to the ever-changing customer needs.  We met with UX Design leader Rannie to learn about the UX org and its visions.


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Greater convenience to more people — The story of Edwin

As a back-end engineer and the leader of the Coupay team, Edwin has taken on numerous challenges and made remarkable achievements. This time, we have invited Edwin who has just marked his one year with us to learn about his story.


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Meet Agnes — Coupang Database Management

Numerous top talents have decided to join Coupang for a new chapter in their career. As she celebrates her 10-year anniversary, we met Agnes to ask about her experiences at Coupang and her new goals for the future.  

WYS Blog(Gerald)

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Meet Gerald — Coupang Global Marketplace

“What’s your story?”  Meet the leader of Coupang Global Marketplace and learn how his team strives to enrich the Coupang customer experience by finding and onboarding cross-border sellers who can offer high quality products at competitive prices.


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[Coupang Pay] Let's meet up and have fun!

Meet-up Day’ is a new engagement program just launched by Coupang Pay in the 1st half of 2022, which enables the employees to enjoy various online/offline activities with their team members. Let’s take a look!


Employee stories |

Meet Matthew, Ian, and Saizy — Coupang Data team

We met Data Engineer (DE) Matthew, Data Scientist (DS) Ian, and Data Analyst (DA) Saizy, who connect Coupang's business with customers through data. How are the three data positions collaborating within the Coupang’s data ecosystem? 

WYS Blog (Ipsita)

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Meet Ipsita — PMO & Recruiting Ops

“What’s your story?”  Meet one of the female members in the PMO (Project Management Office) and the Recruiting Ops team. Learn about her experience and projects she has taken lead in, along with what being a Project Manager in HR at Coupang is like.

7.19 Tessa

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Meet Tessa — Core Product Design

Coupang’s Product Designer Tessa has been leading Coupang's design for three years and has succeeded in overcoming great challenges and making outstanding achievements. 

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Meet Chris — Coupang Play Machine Learning Engineer

Coupang Play’s machine learning sector has interesting challenges ahead, and we’ve met with Chris, who is building Coupang Play’s machine learning system after joining Coupang recently, to learn about his experience so far. 

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Grow together, be the best team — The story of Rapha

Fintech Merchant is a team at Coupang Pay that engages in varied tasks over a wide range of domains. We have selected Rapha, the leader of Fintech Merchant, to learn about the culture he wants to build for his team and his ideals about Coupang Pay.