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Life at Coupang


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The way engineers work at Coupang

The silent talent competition among IT companies to hire top-tier developers has been going on for some time now. We met engineers that lead Coupang’s tech organizations and asked them to share the pros of working as an engineer at Coupang. 

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Employee stories |

Meet Ed — Recruiter from our Seoul Office

Ed describes working at Coupang as a 'can't-miss opportunity.' At Coupang, you get to see your hard work go live and our recruiting team is really pounding the pavement — looking for top tier talent to make the possibilities happen.

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Employee stories |

Meet Chen — Product Owner from our Shanghai Office

Chen is a Product Owner of FDS (Fraud Detection System) and works in our Shanghai Office. He analyzes the latest risks in e-commerce platform and provides payment solutions. Learn more about what Chen does.

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Meet Matt — Brand Manager from our Seoul Office

Matt is the Brand Manager for CE (Consumer Electronics) & Media and works in our Seoul Office. His team is responsible for product sourcing, discussing and managing promotions, GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) management, and business strategies.

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Meet Tim — Head of Back-end Engineering from our Shanghai Office

Tim is the Director of Engineering for SCM (Supply Chain Management) Automation and works in our Shanghai Office. His teams are responsible for Data Science and Engineering for Demand Forecasting, Automated Buying, and Sales & Operations Planning.