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Meet Victoria — Tech Talent Sourcing Team

The recruiting process starts with the Sourcing Team. Sourcers are the first ones to reach out to candidates, and share Coupang’s vision. Meet Victoria, who leads the Tech Talent Sourcing team to hear about her experience and advice to working moms.

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Meet Lynn and Paula — Coupang Recruiting Coordinators

The Candidate Experience team is responsible for managing the entire recruitment process from the beginning of a candidate’s journey applying to Coupang to the onboarding stage. RCs are dedicated to ensuring a successful recruitment process.

WYS Blog (Ipsita)

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Meet Ipsita — PMO & Recruiting Ops

“What’s your story?”  Meet one of the female members in the PMO (Project Management Office) and the Recruiting Ops team. Learn about her experience and projects she has taken lead in, along with what being a Project Manager in HR at Coupang is like.