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Meet Coupang's family

2 Coupang Eats Services 600X450

Coupang Eats Services

Coupang Eats Services (CES) is a delivery partner operations and services company.

3 CFS 600X450 V2

Coupang Fulfillment Services

Coupang Fulfillment Services (CFS) operates the network of in-house fulfillment centers.

4 CLS 600X450

Coupang Logistics Services

Coupang Logistics Services (CLS) operates logistics to deliver customer orders.

5 Coupang Pay 600X450

Coupang Pay

Coupang Pay is company's fintech service.

7 CPLB 600X450

Coupang Private Label Brands

Coupang Private Label Brands (CPLB) is Coupang's private label business.