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난치병 환아들의 소원이 이뤄진 하루

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"It was like a home run," Min-seo's special day

A fan of the LA Dodgers and Ohtani, Min-seo dreams of becoming a baseball scorekeeper. Coupang and Make-A-Wish Korea Foundation helped fulfill Min-seo's wish of watching an MLB game in person. Watch the video now to hear Min-seo's special day.

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Why families love Coupang

Coupang supports the well-being and productivity of parents and strives to become one of the best family-friendly companies. Watch the video to learn more about why families love Coupang.

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How "good" companies survive (feat. Coupang Marketplace)

Coupang is actively investing and sharing its resources to grow together with SMEs in Korea. This time, Coupang put together a special event with a government agency to give the Good SEs traction for their breakthrough. Watch the video to learn more.

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Coupang's innovation "wows" Taiwan

Many Korean SMEs dream of entering the global market with their high-quality products. And with Coupang, they had their dreams come true. Watch the video to learn more about Rocket Jikgu service in Taiwan and Coupang's innovation.


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[Fintech] Korea Fintech Week 2023

Coupang Pay took part in Korea Fintech Week 2023, a global fintech fair held from August 31 to September 1. Here’s a glimpse of Coupang Pay’s first foray into Korea Fintech Week.

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Introducing zero-emission Coupang Car

Want to learn how Coupang is making an effort for green delivery amid the climate crisis? Greensumers will surely like this video.


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Coupang Ads SMB (Small Medium Business) Diversity Program

Coupang Ads strives to create an organization where everyone can come together. SMB teams gathered to participate in activities,which focused on inclusion — taking a small step toward creating an organization.

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Coupang Design CONNECT — Designs that cross the line pt.2

Coupang's design approach is different from other companies. All decisions are based on data, and design is not limited to the screen.  Reflecting this culture, the 2023 Coupang Design CONNECT showcased cases of design that push the boundaries. .   

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Coupang Design CONNECT — Designs that cross the line pt.1

The theme of ‘2023 Coupang Design CONNECT’ was also pointedly ‘design that crosses the line’. 2023 Coupang Design CONNECT, held for the second year in a row, is a networking event of knowledge sharing with UX designers.