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How Coupang Uses Technology To Build A Sustainable Future

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How Coupang uses technology to build a sustainable future

Coupang is continually innovating to build the future of commerce. See how we are leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI and our massive end-to-end logistics network to create a new paradigm for green e-commerce around the world.

Eco Friendly Packaging

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Coupang’s eco-friendly packaging innovations

Coupang is continually innovating to build the future of commerce. See how we are implementing unique packaging innovations, made possible through our end-to-end logistics network, to reduce our carbon footprint and create a new paradigm.

Coupang’S End To End, Green E Commerce Revolution

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Coupang’s end-to-end, green e-commerce revolution

At Coupang, we aim to build the future of commerce. An essential component of this goal is implementing eco-friendly practices that are sustainable for customers and our environment.

장애인 역도선수가 쿠팡에 편지 쓴 이유

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A thank-you letter from Coupang para-athlete Cheol-gyu Choi

In 2019, we established the Coupang Para-Athletes Team to support disabled athletes in achieving their dreams, providing salaries, insurance, and other employee benefits so that they can focus on their training without being burdened.

Coupang Hosts Its Inaugural 2022 Brand Protection Seminar

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Coupang hosts its inaugural 2022 Brand Protection Seminar

On September 22, Coupang held its first Brand Protection Seminar to highlight its latest intellectual property (IP) and consumer protection efforts and deepen its relationship with brand owners, government officials, and other stakeholders.

우리는 모두 쿠팡의 스페셜리스트

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We are all specialists at Coupang

April 20 is the Day of Persons with Disabilities in Korea. Coupang strives to build a welcoming and inclusive workplace for everyone.


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"Sports and work, the best rehabilitation activities. Thank you, Coupang."

Coupang has been hiring athletes with developmental and physical disabilities since August 2019. Coupang recently visited the Daegu Sports Center for the Disabled to meet five badminton players on the Coupang para-athletes team. Read to learn more.