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Coupang Car Daegu Marathon CLS Rocket Ticket 240503 01

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Why is the Coupang Car at Daegu Marathon?

Daegu is home to Coupang's largest state-of-the-art Fulfillment Center in Korea. And that's not all, Coupang is contributing to regional economic growth. Watch the video now to learn more.

Coupang Women Female Employees Logistics 240423 01

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A story of Coupang FC's first female leader

There aren’t a lot of female delivery drivers in the logistics industry yet. But Coupang is different. Near 50% of our employees at Coupang Delivery and Fulfillment Centers are female.


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A mobile health checkup service

At dawn, while everyone is still asleep, there are people who start the day with bustling energy — Coupang Quickflexers. To promote a healthy tomorrow for Quickflexers, CLS and delivery service agencies launched a new service. Learn now.

Ghou08bmizy SD

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I am happy to be a Coupang Quick Flexer

Going from a delivery driver to a Quick Flexer at Coupang, is the best decision I've made in my life. Coupang is where delivery drivers can take time off whenever they want. Along with such efforts, Coupang will continue to lead the parcel industry.