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A typical winter at CFS

Curious what a typical winter looks like at CFS? Watch this vlog by our employees at Dongtan 1 Center to learn more.

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A warm winter at CFS

During the cold winter, preparedness and prevention are paramount to the health and safety of our employees.

28세 매니저 초고속 성장

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Can you guess who is the manager?

At 28, Kei has become a manager. He entered Coupang at 24 and in just 4 years, he was promoted to manage a team of 120 at Incheon 15 Center. Meet Kei and his team now.

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A ladder designed by Coupang for Coupang employees

This ladder is not like any ladder you've seen before. It's designed by Coupang for Coupang employees with safety in mind. Coupang takes employees' safety seriously and continuously improves its work environment.

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Coupang’s forward-looking eco-friendly plans

In the world of commerce, you can buy what you want anytime, anywhere. Coupang, who has been breaking the conventional wisdom in commerce, has become the main topic of discussion among ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) scholars these days.

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The second chapter of my life has started at Coupang

A former singer, a former national, and even a former national athlete. At Coupang, we have many talented employees with diverse backgrounds. Today, we met with Hyerin — a former football player and a coach.

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Five reasons why I want to work at Coupang until my retirement

Daejin joined Coupang's ICQA (Inventory Control Quality Analysis) team in July 2020. When he joined, he was celebrating his last his last forties. He was worried about adapting to a new work environment since he wasn't "young" anymore.

내 나이 72살, 나이가 들어도 인생은 계속 되니까

Employee stories |

Life continues even when you get older

"I want to keep working at Coupang until I have given it my all." Hear the story of 72-year-old shuttle bus driver, Pyeon In-beom.