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Life at Coupang

1 Bahi

Employee stories |

Meet Bahi — Chief Counsel at Coupang

Coupang is building diverse and inclusive teams with people like Bahi who brings her unique experience and background as a leader who believes in helping her colleagues expand their skillsets and succeed. Continue reading for more.

1 Nina

Employee stories |

Meet Nina — Head of Coupang Legal IP team

A leader at Coupang, Nina heads up one of our Legal IP teams. Here she discusses how Coupang is a great place to work lets her bring her own self to freely leverage her unique experiences and background.

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Employee stories |

Day in the life of a Store Manager — Coupang Taiwan

Coupang is reimagining the shopping experience with the goal of wowing each customer from the instant they open the Coupang app to the moment an order is delivered to their door. Learn from Nydia & Steven, what a day in the life of a Store…

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Employee stories |

Meet the Talent Sourcing team at Coupang

Curious to know how Coupang strives to hire the best talents? The recruiting process starts with the Talent Sourcing Team. Watch now to learn more.

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Coupang news |

Introducing Coupang's closed-loop recycling program

At Coupang we not only focus on innovation for our customers but also innovation for things we believe in. Coupang has introduced several sustainable innovations, such as box-less delivery, and recently its own closed-loop recycling program.


In the community |

"Sports and work, the best rehabilitation activities. Thank you, Coupang."

Coupang has been hiring athletes with developmental and physical disabilities since August 2019. Coupang recently visited the Daegu Sports Center for the Disabled to meet five badminton players on the Coupang para-athletes team. Read to learn more.

쿠팡이츠 개발자가 말하는 쿠팡이츠 테크팀에서의 성장

Employee stories |

Coupang Eats developers talk about growth

It has been three years since Coupang Eats, which provides the best experience for customers with a differentiated "one order per trip" service, was launched. We met with Coupang Eats developers who create innovative services that wow the customer.

At A Glance

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Coupang at a glance

Coupang pursues to make a change in the Customers’ daily lives and create a world where people would think, “How did we ever live without Coupang?”


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Special talents who get Coupang Live going

There are special talents behind the liveliness of Coupang Live who make the services available for the customers. Please meet Jaeho JH (CLG Vendor Management), Na Ri Shin (CLG Creator Management), and Jun Hang (CLG Product).

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Coupang news |

Welcome to Coupang Taiwan

We have recently launched our services in Taiwan and are looking for talents to help us lead Coupang’s expansion in Taiwan.

1 Jjangto

Employee stories |

Meet JJangTO — Software Development Manager at Coupang

Coupang has strong leaders like JJangTO who continue to grow the next generation of female tech leaders. Hear JJangTO talk about how she is able to bring her own voice to Coupang and she continues to grow her career.

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Coupang news |

Welcome to Coupang Japan

We have recently launched our services in Japan and are looking for talents to help us lead Coupang’s expansion in Japan.