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Life at Coupang

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We work to simplify the way we work.

Having a system that organizes all business processes in one place enables enterprise-wide sharing of information and resources, which plays a crucial role in quick decision-making and work efficiency. Meet Jessica the Fintech ERP team’s leader.

장애인 역도선수가 쿠팡에 편지 쓴 이유

In the community |

A thank-you letter from Coupang para-athlete Cheol-gyu Choi

In 2019, we established the Coupang Para-Athletes Team to support disabled athletes in achieving their dreams, providing salaries, insurance, and other employee benefits so that they can focus on their training without being burdened.

Move Fast And Fix Things

Employee stories |

Move fast and fix things: Handyman gets a second chance at Coupang

It seems there’s hardly a moment when Ui-yoon Lee (61) is sitting still at Namyangju Camp 1. Given the way that Ui-yoon is always on the move, it’s easy to forget that he was diagnosed with a leg disability in his mid-40s.

Why Coupang?

Employee stories |

“Why Coupang?”: A fireside chat with senior Coupang developers

At Coupang, we believe great ideas come from anywhere. That’s why “Influence without Authority” is an important leadership principle at Coupang, driving our horizontal culture in which colleagues persuade each other by clearly stating their ideas.

[Guest Article] The Post COVID Era And The Future Of Living Logistics

Coupang news |

[Guest Article] The post-COVID era and the future of living logistics

In the era of COVID-19, so-called “living logistics” services such as online shopping have become essential services that increase convenience in the daily lives of modern society. Professor Ho-sang Jung, a logistics expert, shares his thoughts.

28세 매니저 초고속 성장

Employee stories |

Can you guess who is the manager?

At 28, Kei has become a manager. He entered Coupang at 24 and in just 4 years, he was promoted to manage a team of 120 at Incheon 15 Center. Meet Kei and his team now.


Employee stories |

[Coupang Pay] 2022, A memorable year ends

At the turn of this year, we would like to highlight some of the great moments that Coupang Pay and Coupang Financial have shared together.

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Meet Atin — a developer helping drive efficiency at our Coupang FCs

At Coupang, everyone works to improve our culture, defining problems based on trust among colleagues, and listening to each other's opinions to continuously create for the better. We met developer Atin to learn about his work and development culture.

미국 오피스

Employee stories |

Coupang Global Office Tour: The U.S.

Coupang opened an office in 2014 in Silicon Valley and later relocated to Mountain View. The Mountain View office has been playing a crucial role in enhancing Coupang's overall engineering competence as a talent hub for Silicon Valley.