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Life at Coupang

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2022 Coupang Design CONNECT: A night for UX networking

Coupang strives to create the best possible customer experience through all our services, down to the very moment a customer opens and first interacts with our apps. On the evening of September 29, we held our 2022 Coupang Design CONNECT event.

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In the community |

Shooters of para-athletes team at Coupang

Meet the medalists from Coupang's para-athletes team. Watch now to see how Coupang supports and encourages these young athletes to not to give up and keep going to pursue their dreams.

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Employee stories |

Meet Haitao — Rocket Growth Engineering

 Coupang Rocket Growth is now building its global team to improve customer’s experience with advanced Rocket Delivery service.  Introducing Haitao, who is building a scalable service and building the new Rocket Growth service.


Employee stories |

Meet Zoe, Kacie, and Cat — Coupang Design

Meet Zoe, Kacie, and Cat who are in charge of Coupang's various products design. Introducing the leaders of the design team at the heart of Coupang's diverse products.

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Introducing the latest technology at Coupang Fulfillment Centers

Coupang’s Rocket Delivery network delivers millions of items across the country every day, sometimes in a matter of hours. Let’s take a look at some of the incredible innovations that have transformed commerce for our customers.

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Employee stories |

Being a good design leader — Meet Amber & Nelly

What does it mean to be a good leader?  We met with Amber, who designs the overall purchase experience in Coupang app, and Nelly, who leads E-commerce UX in Korea and globally, to learn more about Coupang’s Design team.  

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Employee stories |

Meet Alok Goyal — Rocket Growth Engineering

Coupang is breaking tradeoffs by providing high-quality selection and convenience at the best price for our customers. Meet Alok, the leader of the Rocket Growth organization and learn about the culture & opportunities for engineers.e

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Employee stories |

Meet Rannie — Coupang UX Design leader

Coupang’s designers, researchers, and content strategists have been improving customer experience to respond swiftly to the ever-changing customer needs.  We met with UX Design leader Rannie to learn about the UX org and its visions.


Employee stories |

Greater convenience to more people — The story of Edwin

As a back-end engineer and the leader of the Coupay team, Edwin has taken on numerous challenges and made remarkable achievements. This time, we have invited Edwin who has just marked his one year with us to learn about his story.