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쿠팡 보도자료 이미지 쿠키즈 직장 어린이집 개원

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Supporting our Coupang family with “Coukids” daycare centers

Coupang strives to be the best place to work, and being a family-friendly workplace is essential to that goal. This is why Coupang has established on-site daycare centers, creating an even better workplace for our employees and their families.

Mom’S Secret Side Hustle Coupang Flex

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Mom’s secret side hustle: Coupang Flex

With five boys to raise, one might think Jae-ryang has more than enough on her plate. But when she had some extra time after sending her children to school, she began wondering how she could best use that time.

[Guest Article] The Post COVID Era And The Future Of Living Logistics

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[Guest Article] The post-COVID era and the future of living logistics

In the era of COVID-19, so-called “living logistics” services such as online shopping have become essential services that increase convenience in the daily lives of modern society. Professor Ho-sang Jung, a logistics expert, shares his thoughts.

Coupang Friends Reveal The Secret Behind Rocket Delivery

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Coupang Friends reveal the secret behind Rocket Delivery

At Coupang, we strive to use technology to break trade-offs for our customers, making prices lower, deliveries faster, and experiences richer through smart innovation. And these innovations for customers are also creating a better work environment.

스크린샷 2022 11 08 오후 12.07.08

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2022 Coupang Design CONNECT: A night for UX networking

Coupang strives to create the best possible customer experience through all our services, down to the very moment a customer opens and first interacts with our apps. On the evening of September 29, we held our 2022 Coupang Design CONNECT event.


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Celebrating 12 years of women wowing the world at Coupang

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, we introduce just a few of the ways Coupang supports these women as they create a world where customers wonder, “How did I ever live without Coupang?”

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Introducing Coupang's closed-loop recycling program

At Coupang we not only focus on innovation for our customers but also innovation for things we believe in. Coupang has introduced several sustainable innovations, such as box-less delivery, and recently its own closed-loop recycling program.