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“Why I Use Coupang” CPLB Customers Share Their Stories

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“Why I use Coupang”: CPLB customers share their stories

Coupang is on a constant mission to provide the widest selection of great products at the lowest prices and best service. Coupang Private Label Brands (CPLB) is a case in point — customers are loving the incredible high-quality products.

가벼운 지갑으로 무거운 장바구니를, 쿠팡 CPLB 총정리

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Coupang Private Label Brands (CPLB) — Products that wow everyone

Coupang Private Label Brands (CPLB) is committed to providing customers with high-quality products at affordable prices. We also work with small local businesses to constantly develop products to wow our customers. Watch this video to learn more.

쿠팡 보도자료 이미지 쿠키즈 직장 어린이집 개원

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Supporting our Coupang family with “Coukids” daycare centers

Coupang strives to be the best place to work, and being a family-friendly workplace is essential to that goal. This is why Coupang has established on-site daycare centers, creating an even better workplace for our employees and their families.

Mom’S Secret Side Hustle Coupang Flex

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Mom’s secret side hustle: Coupang Flex

With five boys to raise, one might think Jae-ryang has more than enough on her plate. But when she had some extra time after sending her children to school, she began wondering how she could best use that time.