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Life at Coupang

Theo 01

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A facilitator always looking for the best solution

Coupang Pay is continuing its journey towards delivering the most convenient payment experience to the customers even as we speak. This time we met Theo, the leader of the Front-end team whose mission is to improve customer experience.

Coupang Power Couple

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The benefits of being a Coupang power couple

When her husband Il-hwa Kim made the decision to quit his job of 15 years as a footwear store manager to work as a driver at Coupang, Seul-gi Lee had her doubts. “My husband is not young. Is there a long-term vision?” she wondered.

Coupang Hosts Its Inaugural 2022 Brand Protection Seminar

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Coupang hosts its inaugural 2022 Brand Protection Seminar

On September 22, Coupang held its first Brand Protection Seminar to highlight its latest intellectual property (IP) and consumer protection efforts and deepen its relationship with brand owners, government officials, and other stakeholders.

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2022 Coupang Design CONNECT: A night for UX networking

Coupang strives to create the best possible customer experience through all our services, down to the very moment a customer opens and first interacts with our apps. On the evening of September 29, we held our 2022 Coupang Design CONNECT event.

Office Life 15 (2)

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Meet Haitao — Rocket Growth Engineering

 Coupang Rocket Growth is now building its global team to improve customer’s experience with advanced Rocket Delivery service.  Introducing Haitao, who is building a scalable service and building the new Rocket Growth service.


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Meet Zoe, Kacie, and Cat — Coupang Design

Meet Zoe, Kacie, and Cat who are in charge of Coupang's various products design. Introducing the leaders of the design team at the heart of Coupang's diverse products.