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Life at Coupang

7.13 Chris Interview 1 화면 대외비에 해당 안 되는 것으로 확인

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Meet Chris — Coupang Play Machine Learning Engineer

Coupang Play’s machine learning sector has interesting challenges ahead, and we’ve met with Chris, who is building Coupang Play’s machine learning system after joining Coupang recently, to learn about his experience so far. 

Rapha 01(Blog)

Employee stories |

Grow together, be the best team — The story of Rapha

Fintech Merchant is a team at Coupang Pay that engages in varied tasks over a wide range of domains. We have selected Rapha, the leader of Fintech Merchant, to learn about the culture he wants to build for his team and his ideals about Coupang Pay.

WYS Blog(Diana)

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Meet Diana — Senior Brand Designer for Employer Brand

“What’s your story?”  Meet the Senior Brand Designer in the Employer Branding team and learn how she — from day-to-day projects such as creating social media posts to bigger-scaled projects — creates consistent visual branding for Coupang.

WYS Blog(Timothy)

Employee stories |

Meet Timothy — Global Employer Brand

“What’s your story?”  Meet the Global Director of Employer Brand at Coupang to learn about the Employer Brand’s team journey over the past years and how he and his team drive innovation in every aspect of their work every day.

Tim 2

Employee stories |

Meet Timothy — SCM Autonomation Lead

Coupang is working to build the best commerce experience anywhere, and to do that, we have a world leading engineering team and global offices.   We met Tim who leads SCM Autonomation to hear his journey with Coupang. 

WYS Nikolas(Blog)

Employee stories |

Meet Nikolas — Coupang Taiwan Pricing Operations

“What’s your story?”  Nikolas, one of Coupang Taiwan’s first employees that joined the Leadership Program, shares how this program helped him grow rapidly and gave the experience he couldn’t get anywhere else.

WYS KJ(Blog)

Employee stories |

Meet KJ — Corp & Operation Legal

“What’s your story?”  Coupang's Legal team received the “2022 In-house Corporate Team of the Year” award from the IFLR(International Financial Law Review). Meet one of the female leaders in the Legal team and read her story on why she joined Coupang.

HWI Doug(Blog)

Employee stories |

How we innovate — Doug, CMG

How we innovate Coupang Media Group is the advertising organization at Coupang. Meet one of CMG’s founding engineers and learn how his team innovates to ensure the best solutions for customers and advertisers.

WYS James(Blog)

Employee stories |

Meet James JS — EHS Legal

“What’s your story?”  Meet the head of the EHS Legal team and learn how his team works with various field teams to improve safety & health systems and strengthen their activities in line with the changing regulatory environments.

WYS Logan(Blog)

Employee stories |

Meet Logan CH — CPLB EHS

“What’s your story?”  Meet the head of the CPLB Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) team and learn how his team strives to ensure a safe working environment for employees by putting “Safety first.”

WYS Blog Dora

Employee stories |

Meet Dora — Coupang Taiwan Recruiting

Meet Dora — one of the members of our Coupang Taiwan Recruiting team. As an experienced recruiter, she shares how she works with her team to support Coupang Taiwan by attracting, searching and retaining talents as they continue to expand.

우리는 모두 쿠팡의 스페셜리스트

In the community |

We are all specialists at Coupang

April 20 is the Day of Persons with Disabilities in Korea. Coupang strives to build a welcoming and inclusive workplace for everyone.