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Life at Coupang


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Translators, the driving force behind Coupang

Coupang’s interpretation/translation teams are the hidden driving force that helps other teams achieve the best teamwork by removing all language barriers. We've met with two translators to hear what it's like to work as a translator at Coupang.

Coupang Eats QA

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What does a QA engineer at Coupang do?

We met with QA engineers working at Coupang’s development team and Coupang Eats team. What does a QA engineer do? What are some unique characteristics of a QA engineer at Coupang, a leader in Korea’s e-commerce industry? How are job interviews for…

1 Inne

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Meet Inne — Product Owner at Coupang

Product Owners (PO) play a critical role in leading projects to success and creating a product that customers love. As a PO who addresses challenges, Inne talks about how Coupang empowers you to leverage different perspectives and experiences.  


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The way engineers work at Coupang

The silent talent competition among IT companies to hire top-tier developers has been going on for some time now. We met engineers that lead Coupang’s tech organizations and asked them to share the pros of working as an engineer at Coupang. 

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Meet Andrew — VP of Engineering at Coupang

Curious to hear which innovation had the biggest impact on Coupang's trajectory? Discover the innovation at Coupang that has set us apart as we continue to build the future of commerce.

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Meet Thuan — CTO of Coupang

Have you wondered what we do here at Coupang? Thuan Pham, CTO of Coupang talks about the technology and culture, eliminating the conventional tradeoffs, how we tackle challenges and so on.

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Meet Ed — Recruiter from our Seoul Office

Ed describes working at Coupang as a 'can't-miss opportunity.' At Coupang, you get to see your hard work go live and our recruiting team is really pounding the pavement — looking for top tier talent to make the possibilities happen.