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Life at Coupang

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The secret to Coupang's UI/UX inventions

The Coupang mobile app is filled with UI/UX inventions both big and small, layered seamlessly behind the movements of the customers’ fingertips. Learn more about the inspiration and motivation behind our design innovation.

How Coupang Uses Technology To Build A Sustainable Future

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How Coupang uses technology to build a sustainable future

Coupang is continually innovating to build the future of commerce. See how we are leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI and our massive end-to-end logistics network to create a new paradigm for green e-commerce around the world.

Eco Friendly Packaging

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Coupang’s eco-friendly packaging innovations

Coupang is continually innovating to build the future of commerce. See how we are implementing unique packaging innovations, made possible through our end-to-end logistics network, to reduce our carbon footprint and create a new paradigm.

Coupang’S End To End, Green E Commerce Revolution

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Coupang’s end-to-end, green e-commerce revolution

At Coupang, we aim to build the future of commerce. An essential component of this goal is implementing eco-friendly practices that are sustainable for customers and our environment.

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Supporting our Coupang family with “Coukids” daycare centers

Coupang strives to be the best place to work, and being a family-friendly workplace is essential to that goal. This is why Coupang has established on-site daycare centers, creating an even better workplace for our employees and their families.