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Coupang Logistics Services

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Why CLS?

Coupang Logistics Services (CLS) is a Coupang subsidiary dedicated to providing total logistics services encompassing parcel delivery, cargo transportation, forwarding, warehouse operation, and sortation.

As an officially recognized courier service provider by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Korea, we offer best-in-class last-mile delivery experiences to our customers, completing Coupang’s Rocket Delivery Service. We fully leverage sortation-dedicated workers, a proprietary system by Coupang, and our directly employed delivery drivers (also known as Coupang Friends) at CLS nationwide delivery camps to ensure optimum delivery services.

CLS has been leading delivery innovations in our journey to expand and improve Coupang’s Rocket Delivery Service. As a forward-looking total logistics service provider, we never fear to embrace or explore new ideas to better our infrastructure and supply chain networks — all to continue our mission to wow the customers.

CLS Business Model

Coupang has become indispensable to our customers thanks to the Rocket Delivery Service (i.e. same-day, next-day delivery) — empowered by our own E2E fulfillment and delivery networks. CLS, a Coupang subsidiary providing total logistics services, has built best-in-case last-mile delivery capabilities, enabling and completing Coupang’s Rocket Delivery Service.

Last-mile delivery by CLS begins at subhubs. At subhubs, operated by CLS, parcels stop for route-level sortation before being sent to the respective delivery camps across the nation. Subhubs are equipped with “Auto Sorters” for more accurate and faster sortation. After being sorted at subhubs, parcels are delivered to customers as promised on the same day or the next day via optimal delivery route(s).

CLS is also leading eco-friendly deliveries by adopting and operating electric Coupang Cars.   

CLS pursues win-win partnerships with SMEs in multiple ways. For instance, sellers who signed up for CLS Milkrun Service do not have to operate their own warehouses as we transport their products sold on the Coupang platform from their pickup sites to the designated fulfillment centers (FCs) run by CFS (Coupang Fulfillment Services). We calculate and take optimal transportation routes in consideration of the requested pickup location, FC destination, and expected delivery schedule — facilitating faster delivery to our customers.

For products in need of assembly and installation (e.g. large Consumer Electronic items), we launched Rocket Installation Service (RIS), where authorized CLS delivery engineers deliver and install the purchased products for the customers.

We’ve been enhancing customer experiences by expanding RIS-eligible categories from Consumer Electronics to Sports & Fitness Equipment, and Automotive Tires while fulfilling next-day delivery promises for RIS products across the nation.  

Customers who have ordered Consumer Electronics or other electronic items on Coupang enjoy easy access to repair services on the Coupang app. They don’t have to contact the original manufacturer for product defects or malfunctions. Instead, they can expect various types of after-sales repair services including home-visit repair by nationwide professional engineers affiliated with CLS, all available and accessible on the Coupang app.  

We offer easy and readily available post-purchase care services for products from both big brands and small-and-medium-sized manufacturers. By making such repair services available for SME brands, we’ve created a win-win environment where customers can comfortably buy high-quality products from SMEs on Coupang without worrying about future repair needs or service inconveniences. SMEs can also accelerate their sales with enhanced service accessibility on Coupang.

CLS Welfare & Benefits

Aside from working on exciting, groundbreaking projects, our employees also enjoy other attractive benefits. Your personalized benefits package may vary depending on your position, location, and other eligibility requirements.

Open culture

Trade office partitions, hierarchy, and job titles for openness, creativity, and synergy in our workspace.

Family Health Insurance

Gain access to medical insurance that covers you and your direct family members.

Family leave

Be there for loved ones with paid family leave during times of celebration or bereavement.

Learning programs

Pick up foreign languages or useful soft skills in classes.

Interest Payment Support

Get support for interest on your housing loans (i.e. property purchase and/or key money) and other needs.

Team and company events & club activities

Work hard and play hard. Look forward to company events where we bond over games and food. You can also join clubs to get to know and socialize with other employees.

Lounge spaces and cafeterias

We have several office lounge spaces for our employees to enjoy coffee, tea, and snacks during your breaks. We also have a cafeteria that serves three meals a day.

Flexible work arrangement

Enjoy flexible working hours or work from home.

Life at CLS

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