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Meet Joy — Senior Recruiter in Taiwan

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Hi Joy, it's a pleasure to meet you. Could you please introduce yourself? 

Hello, my name is Joy, and I am the senior recruiter at Coupang. I began my career as a recruiter in 2017 and previously worked in a recruitment agency as a headhunter, focusing on commercial roles in the tech industry. I also have years of experience as an RPO recruiter, handling multiple roles in diverse functions and industries. 


What brings you to Coupang? 

I've been with Coupang for around 8 months now. There are two main reasons that led me to join this company. First, the startup culture here is extremely exciting. I have the opportunity to grow with the company at such a fast pace and witness the amazing things we are going to achieve in Taiwan. Second, it's the people. Here, I get to collaborate with talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and countries. Working with such a dynamic and diverse group sparks fresh perspectives and ideas, making it an innovative work environment. 


We'd like to hear more about your journey in Coupang. What attracted you the most? 

Every single day at Coupang is a rollercoaster of challenges and excitement — there's no room for boredom here. When I joined, we were handed critical responsibilities to staff FCs (Fulfillment Centers) in Taiwan due to the skyrocketing demand for our services. In less than two quarters, we pulled off multiple strategies to staff nearly two FCs, ensuring the operations side had the manpower for the best delivery to wow the customers in Taiwan. 

Certainly, challenges arise, but the Leadership Principles that shape our culture and approach, such as "Deliver Results with Grit" and "Aim High and Find a Way," have proven to be more than just guidelines. They turn challenges into opportunities for growth. Just eight months into this journey at Coupang, looking back, it's been an incredibly fruitful experience. 


Anything you'd like to share with those interested in career opportunities at Coupang? 

Coupang has one of the best recruitment processes I have seen. Many resources are available, both technology-wise and support-wise. New project ideas are always welcomed here. It's a place where you can genuinely expect professional growth in your recruitment career. We are still expanding our recruiting team, so if you are interested in knowing more, feel free to contact me or Coupang's recruiting team. We're excited to welcome individuals who are passionate about making an impact and shaping the future of commerce in Taiwan together.