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Meet Cindy — Senior Recruiter in Taiwan

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Hi Cindy, nice to meet you. Could you please introduce yourself? 

Hello, my name is Cindy. I'm a recruiter from the Coupang Taiwan Recruiting team. I joined Coupang around two and a half years ago. I was mainly responsible for recruiting for our logistics centers. I hired a lot of different roles, from Wave Leaders to Operations Managers. Currently, I am responsible for hiring our Treasury, Accounting, Interpretation, and Compliance teams. 


What experiences did you have before joining Coupang Taiwan? 

I used to be a recruiter for a Taiwanese telecom company. I was primarily responsible for large scale recruiting projects, including the recruitment of direct sales and storefront customer service employees, and system optimization. I also worked as an EA (Executive Assistant) at an American technology company, assisting senior executives on a variety of levels. 


We’re curious to hear more about your journey to Coupang. What attracted you the most?  

My story is quite special. I was interviewing for a job at another company and the interviewer told me that he was joining Coupang soon. After learning about the job and the company, I asked this interviewer to help with my referral. I joined Coupang after a series of interviews.  

Although I have been working at Coupang for two and a half years now, there are still things that I find attractive about this company. The company offers a fast-growing start-up environment, increasingly more challenges, and effective communication. Due to the continuous expansion of the company, the positions we recruit has become more diversified which makes my job even more exciting. You have the opportunity to interact and talk with executives and colleagues from different countries, gaining diverse perspectives and new inspirations. 


How are you maintaining work-life balance at Coupang? 

That's a good one for me.(Laughs) Actually, I'm married with two kids. However, I can still maintain the balance and flexibility for my family in this fast-moving environment at Coupang. For recruiters, meeting goals is important, but time management is even more important. I think Coupang gives a lot of flexibility to its employees, allowing us to find a healthy work-life balance.  

For instance, I took leave and childcare leave for a period of time before and after I gave birth to my child. When I decided that I wanted to extend my leave, my manager and Coupang gave me a lot of flexibility and allowed me to make arrangements based on my own circumstances. After coming back to work from the leave, I was able to raise requests whenever I needed to — adjust my working hours or take leave due to unexpected situations to look after my family. 


Is there anything you'd like to share with someone interested in working at Coupang? 

I recommend Coupang to anyone who enjoys working in an innovative environment. If you are a good problem solver and want to grow with the company, Coupang is the perfect place. 

Whether as a recruiter or not, we welcome diverse talents to join us and suggest checking out our openings on our website Here you can work with colleagues and senior directors from different countries helping you improve your communication skills and achieve your goals. We are excited to have you here.