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Meet Ashley — Process Engineer FC Operations in Taiwan

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Thank you for your time, Ashley. Could you please introduce yourself?  

Ashley: Hello, my name is Ashley. My first role when I joined Coupang was Senior Automation Engineer, but I only kept that work title for one week. From my 2nd week onwards, I started supporting operations as an Outbound Operation Manager for 2 months. Now, I evolved into the role of Process Engineer and focus on overall process excellence projects. 


We would like to know more about your previous career path. Also, please tell us about what brought you to Coupang. 

Ashley: I worked in an American technology company for 4 years before I joined Coupang, and it was my first job. I started my career as a wire bond process engineer for 3 years and then a NPI (New product introduction) engineer for one year.   After spending 4 years in my previous company, I thought it was time for me to approach another company/industry and I wanted to leverage my experience to other roles. 


Semiconductor and e-commerce look like two extremely different industries, can you share the similarity at your roles and what challenges and career development you can explore at Coupang? 

Ashley: Though industries are very different, the concept of “production line” is always the same. All factories need to consider 3 things: Cost, Productivity, and Quality. Also, all production lines apply the same “river” concept, which means that the output of upstream and downstream need to be exactly the same, then the flow will become perfect. After I joined Coupang, I applied these production line concepts to my daily life and improved the overall process. The difference between my previous company and Coupang is that Coupang is very new and ramping up quickly. There are lots of opportunities on the floor and I can easily see the impact after I change something. It’s very interesting for me. Also, Coupang provides young talents with great growth opportunities. In my case, although I did not have any prior management experiences, right after joining Coupang, I was able to grow into a managerial position and now I’m able to accumulate a solid management experience every day. 

Was there any positive surprise for you after joining Coupang? 

Ashley: At Coupang, people from all kinds of background come together to work and this creates an international environment which provides employees with a global mindset. To help us collaborate all together, we have the interpreters & translators at Coupang. At Coupang, the Taiwan Interpretation & Translation team is here to support whenever needed. Although my previous company was also a cross countries company, and we needed to use English for all meeting and mail.  


What makes Coupang such a special place to work? Anything you found different compared to your previous workplaces? 

Ashley: Same as above, haha. 


Lastly, any message you’d like to convey to the job seekers hesitant to apply to Coupang?   

Ashley: I’ll recommend everyone who would like to challenge new things and want to make an impact to join Coupang. You can easily find lots of things you can do, and all these things you accomplish will be seen.