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Meet Omar — Head of FC Operations in Taiwan

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Thank you for your time, Omar. Could you please introduce yourself?   

Thank you. My name is Omar Alkarimy, I’m from Egypt, married and I have a three-year-old boy.  

I joined Coupang in November 2022, and I am currently helping Coupang wow customers in Taiwan by supporting its operations expansion. Since joining, I have been leading areas including fulfillment operations, FC (Fulfillment Centers) expansion, engineering, launch, parcel cross border operations, and transportation 3PL management. 

On the personal side, I’m an advanced Scuba diver and a licensed free diver. Diving in the ocean, mountain hiking or river tracing are among the top things I enjoy on the weekends in Taiwan. 


We would like to know more about your previous career path. Also, please tell us about what brought you to Coupang. 

I’m an engineer and coder who switched to an operations career right after graduation. I started my operations and supply chain career at a global consumer goods company after graduating from engineering school.  In my previous company, I worked across manufacturing, transportation, supply chain and sales logistics. My last role was stepping up as a regional sales logistics leader within less than six years in the company. 

Later I joined an global e-commerce company in Egypt right after the company’s expansion in the middle east, and within a year I grew to lead Egypt’s fulfillment operations and support teams such as HR, EHS, Procurement, IT, process excellence, and loss prevention. During that time, I developed a strong zero to one experience launching operations ground up as I had built what could be considered as one of the largest e-commerce operations in Africa. 


How did Coupang take care of your relocation? Did you get enough support and how are you settling in Taiwan now? 

I always tell stories about how Coupang’s recruiting, and relocation teams are very special and professional. From the second day after a contract is signed, Coupang takes care of relocation from A to Z, with exceptional support provided for the new employee’s family. 

What makes Coupang special in your opinion? 

Coupang’s “Ruthless prioritization” leadership principle has been mind-opening for me, and I think it makes Coupang a very special place to work at. By being able to clearly define what matters the most, the workplace becomes very efficient.  

Personally, my experience with Coupang is very special, joining at the startup phase in Taiwan when we needed to set all operations fundamentals from scratch gave me the opportunity to work across many functions and interact with countless others.  

Other than my core focus on fulfillment operations, my work includes working closely with product to define tech features needed for launch, working with construction suppliers to accelerate launching future FCs (Fulfillment Centers), visiting transportation 3PL hubs to optimize delivery speed for our customers, surveying for future FCs and of course, hiring and developing great talent in operations. 


Can you tell us Coupang's growth in Taiwan so far? And as the Head of Fulfillment Center (FC) Operations, can you share the future plans of Taiwan FC? 

I consider myself lucky to witness that type of growth that I have seen in Coupang Taiwan, which added another angle to my previous zero to one experience. Seeing how we continue to wow more customers daily has been a thrilling experience so far.  

For operations, that means we need to grow our network aggressively to match our growing customer base. We are sourcing and building new FCs, expanding our operations network and team! 


What kind of profile are you looking for to join your team? Any message you’d like to convey to the job seekers to apply to Coupang FC? 

We are hiring across multiple levels internationally and locally. Internationally, we are looking for operations leaders who have extensive e-commerce experience and would love to have the experience of building a business ground up. 

Locally, we are focused on hiring best in class operations leaders who should not necessarily have any e-commerce experience, but have strong operations experience which could be across manufacturing, distribution, or logistics. 


Join us and help grow the future of commerce in Taiwan.