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Meet Nikolas — Coupang Taiwan Pricing Operations

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WYS Nikolas(Blog)

Nice to meet you, Nikolas. Would you please introduce yourself? 

Hi all, my name is Nikolas. I joined Coupang Taiwan in September 2021 through the Coupang Leadership Program. Through job rotation, which was a part of the program, I gained exposure to various businesses and developed different skills and competencies. Thanks to the wide range of work experience, I am now currently one of the managers of the e-commerce Pricing Operations team. I am also a happy cat lover.  


What experiences did you have before joining Coupang Taiwan? 

Before joining Coupang Taiwan, I had 4 years of experience working in website content management for ticket resale companies at their European headquarter.  


What is the main role of your team at Coupang Taiwan? What kind of projects do you work on?  

Recently, I took on a new role as a Pricing Operations Manager. My team and I drive data analysis and optimization of daily operations to ensure that advantage as well as competitiveness in retail pricing can be achieved for the upcoming business launch in the Taiwanese market. We also work closely with the Korean Platform Business team to ensure tech support. 


How has your experience with theLeadership Program been so far? 

It has been amazing. I don’t think there is another “startup” company in Taiwan that can provide me with such versatile opportunities in a short period of time. Since joining the company and the Leadership Program, I’ve worked in Delivery, Retail Planning, and now Pricing Operations. “Aim high and find a way” is one of Coupang’s leadership principles, and I do see it in practice here at Coupang Taiwan.  


What makes Coupang Taiwan special in your opinion? 

Organizationally speaking, Coupang Taiwan is special because it merges the advantages of both corporate and startup. On the other hand, I like Coupang for its determination to achieve the best customer experience. We are a very customer-centric company. 

What are you looking forward to in your current team? 

I am very excited to see where the future and our efforts will take us. I am looking forward to expanding and growing our customer’s satisfaction when we launch our retail business in Taiwan. I hope we become an indispensable choice for Taiwanese customers.   


What kind of profile are you looking for to join the team at Coupang Taiwan? 

If you are a self-motivated, fast-paced, and a flexible team player, you are a perfect fit. Come and join us at Coupang Taiwan. We are waiting for you!