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Christmas at Coukids Daycare Centers

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Upbeat carol songs and streets with twinkle lights, Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year for the Coupang employees’ children. 

To greet the holiday season, the Coukids Daycare Centers prepared creative and joyful events to present children with unforgettable memories. Children enrolled in the Seolleung center enjoyed time with Santa Claus, participated in a cooking class and watched a magic show. Those at the Wirye center participated in the talent show and watched music performances.  

Since 2020, Coupang has been operating the workplace daycare center, named Coukids, in Seolleung and Wirye to help relieve childcare burdens for employees and to create a family-friendly corporate culture.  

Coukids, a comprehensive childcare facility for one to five-years-old, provides specialized childcare and educational services.   

Coupang constantly strives to provide a work environment where employees can balance work and family.  

Coupang wishes you a happy holiday season. 

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This article is from the Coupang Newsroom and to read more please visit here.