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Empowering working parents with Coukids daycare center: Meet Bora

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Coupang is committed to fostering a nurturing workplace for women, providing diverse support systems for maternal well-being. In particular, Coupang’s day care centers, Coukids in Seonlleung and Wirye, assist employees with children.   

Coukids centers provide professional childcare and educational services for infants and toddlers aged 1 to 5. The Coukids is one of the many ways through which Coupang is building a supportive and inclusive work environment for all.   

We sat down with Bora, an interpreter who is also dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace at Coupang. She ensures that employees from diverse backgrounds do not encounter language barriers, allowing everyone to bring themselves to Coupang. As one of the working mothers of Coupang utilizing Coukids, she shared her experiences with us. 

I am Bora, a senior manager in the Global Operations Interpreters team where I have dedicated the past 8 years of my career. I am also a mother to a delightful 3-year-old girl named Gio. In 2021, I took a full year off to cherish the precious moments with my newborn baby. This invaluable time allowed me to fully immerse myself in caring for my daughter before returning to work in 2022. 


Coukids, a workplace daycare center, has been a game-changer for me as a working mother. It's the first daycare center I've experienced, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the care and service it provides. The low child-to-teacher ratio ensures personalized attention, and the responsive teachers have created a nurturing environment for the children. Moreover, the well-planned curriculum, shared with parents in advance, has made it seamless for me to stay organized and prepared.  

Work-life harmony 

Every moment presents its challenges for working mothers, but the daycare center has been instrumental in allowing me to focus fully on my work without worrying about my child's well-being. The safe and clean environment, coupled with engaging activities, ensures that Gio has a blast while I'm at work. The center's flexibility in accommodating changes to drop-off and pick-up times in the office building has been a lifesaver during urgent situations, enabling me to juggle multiple tasks with ease. 

Furthermore, the daycare center goes above and beyond by organizing special events for the children, such as Children's Day, Chuseok, and Christmas. I've cherished every opportunity to participate in these events with my daughter, strengthening our bond while appreciating the support Coupang provides.  

Having access to a reputable and high-quality daycare center like Coukids is truly a blessing for working parents. I was thrilled to learn about the company's plans to open a nursery during my maternity leave and I am grateful for the unwavering support the company provides to its employees. 


Coupang aims to foster an exemplary workplace that helps relieve childcare burdens for employees and create a family-friendly corporate culture. If you are interested in Coupang’s D&I, explore more on