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Navigating the path to engineering excellence in India — Meet Vishal

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In a fast-paced world of technology, finding the right environment to grow and thrive is essential. Coupang has recently established a new tech center for tech professionals in India, where engineering leaders are experiencing the transformative impact of Coupang’s innovation and cultivating a culture that promotes continuous learning and development firsthand. Today, we met Vishal from the India office to learn more about his role and gain insights.  


Thank you for your time. Please introduce yourself. 

Hello, I'm Vishal. I currently serve as the Director of Engineering at Coupang, a listed Fortune 200 company  and one of the largest retailers in Asia. With over 21 years of experience, I have led and designed software products across diverse domains such as e-commerce, digital payments, travel, and insurance.   

Before joining Coupang, I was the Chief Technology Officer at an esteemed Indian e-commerce company, where I built a stellar technology team and platform, launching multiple new products and categories. As an entrepreneur, I have co-founded two companies, both of which saw successful exits. Throughout my career, I've been passionate about creating solutions that contribute to the greater good and enhance people's lives, earning recognition in the industry through multiple awards and patents for innovation and excellence. Currently, at Coupang, I am driving technology leadership in Fulfillment & Transportation Systems and Supply Chain Management for the Taiwan business, fostering innovation and building high-performing engineering teams.   


You were a former CTO in companies and led various innovations. What made you join Coupang?   

Joining Coupang was an exciting move for me. Having served as a Chief Technology Officer in various companies and spearheading numerous innovations, I was drawn to Coupang's dynamic and forward-thinking environment. The company's reputation as one of the fastest-growing retailers, coupled with its commitment to pushing boundaries, closely matched my passion for driving impactful change through technology. Coupang's focus on continuous innovation and ambitious goals aligned perfectly with my own professional ethos. The opportunity to contribute to the success of Coupang's Taiwan business by spearheading technology initiatives in Fulfillment & Transportation Systems and Supply Chain Management was a challenge I eagerly embraced. I believe in the power of technology to transform and optimize business operations, and Coupang's vision to provide the ideal service to make a meaningful impact. I look forward to leveraging my experience to drive innovation and foster a culture of excellence within the engineering teams at Coupang.      

What interests you in terms of engineering excellence at Coupang?     

What particularly excites me about Coupang in terms of engineering excellence is the company's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. The focus on leveraging cutting-edge technologies to optimize Fulfillment & Transportation Systems and enhance Supply Chain Management presents a unique and exciting challenge. I am enthusiastic about leading the development and implementation of solutions that streamline order fulfillment processes and drive success for Coupang's Taiwan business. The engineering culture at Coupang fosters continuous learning and innovation, aligning perfectly with my belief that a strong engineering team is the backbone of any successful tech-driven company. I am eager to contribute to this culture, mentor high-performing teams, and set a vision for technology development that aligns seamlessly with Coupang's business objectives. In essence, Coupang offers a perfect environment for someone who is passionate about engineering excellence and driving impactful results.  


Was there any vision from the E-commerce Engineering team that aligned with you? 

The vision of Coupang’s E-commerce Engineering team resonated strongly with my professional aspirations. Coupang's commitment to redefining the commerce landscape through technological innovation and operational excellence was a key factor that drew me to the company. Coupang's focus on leveraging engineering to optimize Fulfillment & Transportation Systems and enhance Supply Chain Management aligns perfectly with my background in leading technology teams to drive efficiency and deliver impactful results. The company's dedication to setting new standards in the industry is something I find inspiring.  

Moreover, Coupang's emphasis on fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation within the engineering organization aligns with my own belief in the importance of building and mentoring high-performing teams. The opportunity to contribute to such a vision, set a technology roadmap aligned with business objectives, and drive positive change in the commerce sector made joining Coupang an exciting and natural step in my career. I look forward to being part of a team that's at the forefront of building the future of commerce through engineering excellence.   


Can you describe your day-to-day work at Coupang?  

In my role as Director of Engineering at Coupang, my days are dynamic and filled with exciting challenges. I oversee Fulfillment &Transportation Systems (FTS) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) for the Taiwan business, collaborating with cross-functional teams to implement cutting-edge technologies that streamline order fulfillment processes. I lead the development of solutions to optimize operations and enhance overall business performance in SCM, keeping pace with industry trends and evaluating new technologies to align with Coupang’s strategic goals. A significant aspect of my role involves technology leadership, including building and mentoring high-performing engineering teams, setting a clear vision for technology development aligned with business objectives, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation. Problem-solving is a crucial part of my daily activities, whether addressing operational challenges or driving innovation in our systems to contribute to the success of Coupang’s Taiwan business. Overall, my days consist of strategic planning, hands-on collaboration, and ensuring our engineering efforts align with Coupang’s mission of delivering exceptional service to our customers. 


Do you have any advice for prospective new joiners from India?        

Exciting times lie ahead for those joining Coupang. I have some advice to make your experience even more rewarding:  

  1. Soak in the culture: Coupang is more than a workplace; it's a vibrant community. Understand our unique culture and values for an environment that fosters innovation and collaboration. 
  2. Thrive on learning: The tech scene is buzzing, and Coupang is at the forefront of it all. Immerse yourself in new technologies and relish continuous learning and growth. 
  3. Connect and conquer: Build strong connections with your colleagues, share your experiences, and be part of a team that not only works hard but enjoys the journey together. 
  4. Flexibility is key: The commerce industry constantly changes. Be agile, adapt quickly, and see challenges as opportunities to shine. 
  5. Speak up, stand out: Your unique perspective matters at Coupang share your ideas and contribute to discussions. 
  6. Results matter: Focus on delivering results, making an impact on projects, and contributing to the success of our dynamic organization. 
  7. Tech skills and soft skills: Hone both your technical and soft skills-communication, teamwork, and problem-solving for unstoppable success. 
  8. Lean on mentors: Seek guidance from experienced colleagues. Our mentors help you navigate your career path, share insights, and make your journey smoother. 
  9. Stay ahead: Stay informed about the latest industry trends to remain valuable
  10. Enjoy the journey: Celebrate successes, learn from every experience, and relish the journey it is going to be an amazing ride.

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