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Meet Timothy — Global Employer Brand

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WYS Blog(Timothy)

Nice to meet you, Timothy. Would you please introduce yourself? 

Hi, I’m Timothy, the Global Director of Employer Brand at Coupang. I joined Coupang in December 2020. Since the day I’ve joined Coupang, we’ve moved at a pace I never dreamed possible.


What is the main role of your team at Coupang? What kind of projects do you work on? 

From going IPO four months after I joined to entering the Japan and Taiwan markets three months later, the Employer Brand team has been involved in so many company-wide and global projects that we could not experience at any other company. 

Since our team’s journey began, we had to move with urgency, adapt to fast timelines, changing directions, and most of all we have had to innovate — quickly. 

With a company like Coupang that is building the future of commerce, there is an opportunity to drive innovation in every aspect of our work every day. From daily processes that can be automated for scalability to company-wide projects that affect our candidates, employees, vendors, and customers. After all, wowing the customer is what we do. 


What makes the Employer Branding team special in your opinion? 

Working with a team of highly skilled and dedicated employer brand professionals we have raised the bar of what employer brand will deliver through short-term recruitment marketing and long-term branding. We deliver results quickly while always building towards Coupang’s long-term employer brand. 

“The future and my journey are open, and I look forward to building my future with Coupang.”