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Meet Diana — Brand Designer for Employer Brand

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WYS Blog(Diana)

Nice to meet you, Diana. Would you please introduce yourself?   

Hi, my name is Diana and I am a Brand Designer on the EB (Employer Branding) team at Coupang. I joined Coupang in 2021 and have been working with the EB team to create visual branding for candidates and their employer experiences for Korea and our other global offices — Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and the USA. 


What experiences did you have before joining Coupang? 

I started my career in Chicago at an advertising agency, working for clients such as McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. I created visual ads and was able to direct photoshoots for a large audience in the retail space. As I moved on to work with specialty design studios, I realized my passion was in building visual brand identities, packaging, and websites for F&B (food & beverage), beauty and tech brands. 


What is the main role of your team at Coupang, what kind of projects do you work on? 

My role is to create consistent visual branding for Coupang Corp. Our tasks vary from day-to-day projects such as creating social media posts to bigger-scaled projects such as creating a global website or conducting photoshoots. In today’s fast-paced industry, being aware of the changing software programs is essential as well as knowing the user or audience — it sets up for a great foundation in successful design. 


What makes Coupang special in your opinion? 

Coupang is unique in its flexibility and is open to the needs of the employers. I was surprised at the inclusion of global translators at meetings for smooth communication, the work-from-home environment, and seeing leaders hold seminars and events for various diversity groups. I think most people associate Coupang with being a quick delivery system, but it is expanding in areas like Coupang Eats, Coupang Play, Coupang Pay, and other teams that make working here even more interesting. 


What are you looking forward to in your current team? 

I look forward to further establishing Coupang’s brand and being able to work with other global offices. Because there are so many teams, it’s great to connect and understand what everyone is working on. Working across teams can help create good synergy. 


What kind of profile are you looking for to join your team? Any advice for someone who would be joining your team? 

Our team is unique in that we have different roles on the EB team ranging from marketing specialists, content creators, and designers. For designers in the future, we look for someone who enjoys the start-up work culture, working backwards to create new brand designs and being able to solidify them. We also embrace bilingual speakers (Korean and English) but also someone who is flexible in receiving feedback as a team. 


What are some key points for a designer to work at Coupang? 

Although the design roles range from Product, UX, and BX designers, across the board we work with designers who can ‘Aim high and find a way.’ Coupang is still continuing to establish its brand with those who are open-minded, excited by challenges, and willing to experiment in both short- and long-term settings.