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Meet Jenny — Executive Sourcing Team

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Hi Jenny, nice to meet you. Would you please introduce yourself?  

Hi. My name is Jenny. I work in Talent Sourcing & Intelligence within Coupang's Recruiting team, and I source executive candidates for the corporate division. I joined my team in April 2020, and my responsibility is to start Coupang’s exciting recruitment journey with executive talent in and outside of Korea.  


What was your recent project that was successful or your recent achievement? 

I was recently tasked with sourcing for a position, and my goal was to reach out and bring in the most well-known person in the industry. It wasn’t an easy task, and I got scared and nervous. But keeping in mind one of Coupang’s Leadership Principles, “Aim High and Find a Way,” I took on that challenge with a lot of research and preparation, and eventually I was able to bring in the top talent to Coupang.  

Can you tell us how Coupang or your team culture and events have helped you reach your full potential? 

Coupang provides a constant flow of information.  

As a Sourcer, my job is to introduce Coupang and showcase its appeal to the outside world and promote vacancies as well.  To do that, I should have a good understanding of the company, candidates, and the position. Coupang provides its Sourcers with ample information rather than simply tossing a job description file unilaterally, so that such information can be sufficiently and clearly communicated through us.  

To make this happen, the hiring team and my Talent Sourcing & Intelligence team ask questions constantly and communicate to learn and grow, and we also give advice and support to each other. I think that motivates us to improve and grow further.  


Do you have any advice particularly for other female employees at Coupang?   

"The advantage of female talent is that we are sensitive and detail-oriented, and we love people.”  

If a candidate ends up in a position where he or she cannot thrive, that would be a disaster for HR and recruiting teams, regardless of how talented that person is. We expect female talents and leaders at Coupang to have good judgment, attention to detail, a challenging spirit not to be afraid to meet new people and make decisions, and most of all, to love and care about people.  


Do you have any goals or plans for your career in the short, mid or long-term?  

"We often hear that Coupang’s hiring is aggressive, but it's a testament to how focused we are on acquiring great talents to Wow the customer."  

My goal is to improve the quality of what we’re doing now. I know it can get boring doing the same thing over and over again, but recruiting is a people business, and I don't think you can ever have the same pattern. I believe we should keep trying to utilize our experiences by finding as many similarities as possible and reflecting them.  

With these efforts, we now look forward to hearing from people joining Coupang and from everyone at Coupang, "How did we ever get here without the Coupang Recruiting team?"