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Meet Ryan — Executive Talent Sourcing Team

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Happy 7th anniversary with Coupang. We’re happy to celebrate your 7th anniversary at Coupang. Please introduce yourself. 

Hello, I’m Ryan from the Executive Sourcing team. First of all, thank you for congratulating me on my 7th anniversary at Coupang. I started my career at Coupang back in August 2016. 

At that time, the sourcing team and the recruiting team were not separate as they are now but formed one recruitment team, and I was in charge of sourcing tech talents.  

After overseeing the hiring of tech talents for about a year, I transitioned to the logistics talent recruitment business for about two years. Currently, as a Senior Sourcer, I am in charge of hiring logistics-related executives as a member of the Executive Recruitment team. 


What has been the biggest change since you have joined Coupang? 

At first, Talent Sourcing at Coupang was very unfamiliar in the Korean job market, so I had a lot of doubts about whether I would be able to grow as an expert in this field. 

However, I was able to personally experience and learn the overall process of recruitment within the recruiting organization and increase my expertise in the field. Also, as an organizational part of the company, I think that the company is constantly interested in the recruitment team and the personal growth of Recruiters and Sourcers. 

As a company, Coupang invests in employees’ career growth through various training programs, and  provides opportunities for continuous recruitment-related training or individual leadership projects. 

Do you think Coupang has also gone through a change? 

When I was in university, I had a direct experience with e-commerce in the United States as a customer, and I decided that it was worth investing my youth in, so I started working at Coupang. 

In fact, when I first joined Coupang, the public's expectations for Coupang were not what they are today. However, all Coupang employees, including me, did their best in their respective positions with the belief that we could “Wow the customer.” 

I was proud to experience the steep rise in customer needs for Coupang over time, and it was rewarding to see the candidates I hired directly join Coupang, do their best in their respective organizations, and grow together alongside Coupang. I am still proud of what I am accomplishing here, and even now, it is the driving force that allows me to work most happily. 

We look forward to celebrating your 8th year. Any goals or plans for the future with Coupang?  

In the short term, I am currently leading the ICDP (Individual Career Development) project within the sourcing team. It is in its infancy, so I want to continuously develop and proceed with it to have a positive impact on our team members. 

And based on this project, it is my goal to develop myself through the educational opportunities provided by Coupang and to grow as a more senior-level sourcing expert. 

Quoting what our founder often says, I think that Coupang and my challenge are still only at the beginning of the first inning in baseball, and baseball needs to go to 9 innings. Similarly, I want to discover myself, growing with a company with infinite potential for future growth, and I am looking forward to seeing how far the company and I will grow.