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[Coupang Pay] 2022, A memorable year ends

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2022 has ended already. The year has definitely flown by. How was your year? As always, the end of this year has been one of the busiest times of the year, and Coupang Pay has stayed diligent to bring this year — which we worked tirelessly to get through — to a meaningful end.   
One of the company’s notable achievements this year has been the successful launch of its financial subsidiary Coupang Financial. This has been followed by many great projects and events that were driven in the spirit of “Fintech as one team.” At the turn of this year, we would like to highlight some of the great moments that Coupang Pay and Coupang Financial have shared. 


“Fintech Team Logo” 

To celebrate the launch of Coupang Financial and promote the “one Fintech team” spirit among the employees of Coupang’s Fintech organizations, we initiated a “Fintech logo project.” The goal of this project was to give birth to a logo that embodies our ambition to wow the customer with the services we offer. 

The Fintech team logo has been selected by employees through a survey 


Let’s hear about this project from Thomas from Fintech UX, who is the creator of this logo.  


Q: What did you focus on when you designed this logo? 

A: The payment part of commerce services in most cases is considered a supplemental component. I wanted to infuse into the design the wish for devising and delivering an innovative and game-changing payment solution that can revolutionize how our customers shop and pay and bring value to the table itself. 

Other designs that were under consideration 

Despite the little time he had to spare on this project as he had a lot on his plate, Thomas still managed to come up with many great designs, which ironically gave us a hard time deciding which one to go for. After all, we were all happy with the design, and the logo selected seems to stand out a bit more than other designs that were under consideration – maybe because it was handpicked by our employees through a survey. And our vision: “I can do much more with my money” reflected in this design just makes it all the more meaningful.

Fintech team uniform and eco-bag


“Year-end Party” 

The end of the year is synonymous with a year-end party. Unfortunately, in the past few years, the year-end party had to take place online due to COVID-19. With the mission of having the year-end party offline no matter what, to create an opportunity to bring everyone and celebrate our achievements together in person, we formed a task force. The task force carefully selected the event venue and gifts for our employees and endeavored to create a flawless event program and timetable that required numerous revisions until the very last minute, so that our colleagues who’ve been busy all year round can forget about work and enjoy the event to the fullest.  

We included many great activities to the program to make this night special — a short video of some of our memorable moments in 2022, team games and lucky draws just to name a few. While the fact that this was the company’s first year-end party to be held offline itself was already meaningful, it was even more special in that the entire employees of both Coupang Pay and Coupang Financial came together for the first time since Coupang Pay’s spinoff and the launch of Coupang Financial.

“2022 H2 meet-up day” 

The meet-up day we introduced in one of our previous editions is an employee benefit program introduced this year to improve employee engagement. Just as much as they enjoyed their meetup in the first half of this year, our employees had great times with their teammates in their own way — some went out for team dinner and some others enjoyed recreational activities. And these moments of joy captured in photos have been shared via Slack. 

We look forward to seeing what memorable moments await our employees next year.  


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