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Welcome to our Brand New Office

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Lounge 01

Recently, there was an office relocation for Coupang Pay and Coupang Financial. We have always longed for the opportunity to work together in a single space as the Fintech One Team, and we are thrilled to finally have the chance to share a floor at the Coupang Jamsil Office. 

Once it was decided that Coupang Pay and Coupang Financial will share the same office spaces, we embarked on the journey of designing an ideal space just for these two businesses. We firmly believe that creating an ideal working environment is paramount to our Fintech team to truly unleash its full potential and achieve remarkable synergy. 

We have been relentlessly contemplating the ideal look and feel of our new space that is inviting and inspiring to our employees. Our goal was to create an office environment that not only brims with enjoyable elements but also fosters a high level of focus on work, while providing dedicated areas for relaxation. 

In order to cater the wants of our employees beyond their needs, we paid meticulous attention to every tiny detail to bring our new office to perfection. And now, it is with great excitement that we unveil our new office space. 

Fintech Lounge

We now have our own lounge area solely for Coupang Pay and Coupang Financial for breaks. It provides a cozy atmosphere, just like being in a café, making it ideal for casual conversations. 

Relax Zone

Taking breaks is essential when you’ve been working hard. Until now, there were limited private space for relaxation. But now, with the introduction of individual recliners, our employees can freely and unreservedly take the rest they deserve, without any concerns about their surroundings. 

LP Zone

The LP zone is a space created with the purpose to help our employees familiarize themselves with Coupang’s culture and its guiding principles, known as our Leadership Principles, as they navigate throughout the office. 

The phone booths, lobby, and general office space have also been redesigned into a more pleasant space. 



Office spaces

It wouldn’t be a complete move without a housewarming, right? 

We also held a housewarming party to celebrate our new office. 

Our teams enjoyed a casual mingling time in the lounge with delicious refreshments and shared our first impression of the new office space. To become more familiar with the new office, we also engaged in some activities within the office. 

What is your impression of the new office? 

At the new office, we are eagerly waiting for those who will join us in shaping a better payment experience and driving innovative financial services. 

Apply now to Coupang Pay and Coupang Financial today.