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Meet the Inclusion Management team at Coupang

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The Inclusion Management team at Coupang is committed to ensuring that our employees with disabilities not only adapt well but thrive within Coupang. From recruitment to evaluation, training, and career development, the Inclusion Management team is dedicated to respecting and embracing the diversity of our employees, valuing the importance of each member fully utilizing their capabilities. 

We met the Inclusion Management team to learn more about their mission, strategy and how they are helping disabled employees.  



We are all specialists at Coupang - The overarching mission of the Inclusion Management team at Coupang is to ensure the successful integration and growth of disabled employees as valued members of the company. We are dedicated to handling all aspects of human resources for the disabled, including recruitment, evaluation, training, and career development, with a focus on respecting and embracing the diversity of our workforce. Central to the mission, the Inclusion Management team helps the employees to fully utilize their abilities and support disabled workers in becoming specialists in various business fields within Coupang, with many currently excelling in office and field roles. 


For diverse and inclusive workplace 

We do whatever we can do - We are fully committed to supporting the job adaptation of disabled workers in any way we can. Firstly, we develop specialized roles tailored to the abilities of individuals with disabilities and ensure that suitable candidates are selected for each role. Secondly, we provide customized education that considers the specific needs of disabled employees, including tailored onboarding training and educational materials with captions and audio to enhance understanding of workplace dynamics. Thirdly, we act as a regular communication channel, conducting ongoing consultations to assist with employee adaptation and mediating or communicating concerns that may arise. Lastly, we actively cultivate an inclusive organizational culture by organizing meetings and educational activities to improve disability awareness and foster diversity in the workplace. 


Fit job to the person – We focus on individual members, striving to create job environments tailored to accommodate disability characteristics. Firstly, we operate an active work from home policy. This allows those facing commuting challenges due to physical disabilities or residing in remote areas to work from home. Since the date of employment, we enable work from home, adjusting work schedules to accommodate the disability characteristics and health status of employees. Our system is actively operating and reliably managed, with protocols in place to respond promptly to emergencies affecting remote workers, including immediate contact with guardians for necessary safety measures. Secondly, we design specialized roles for individuals with disabilities. We develop and operate roles tailored to those with cognitive disabilities, such as intellectual and autism spectrum disorders, as well as senior employees with disabilities. For example, our office spaces are meticulously maintained daily, thanks to the efforts of our disabled employees. 


Education and awareness programs 

We are all in – The Inclusion Management team promotes a collaborative and inclusive organizational culture based on diversity. Firstly, we aim to raise awareness of the value of diversity by widely promoting cases of disabled employees in various business areas within Coupang, encouraging a focus on diversity rather than differences. Secondly, we conduct meetings with various departments and managers where disabled workers are employed, providing disability awareness training, and making efforts to create a disability-friendly working environment. Thirdly, we plan internal activities for employees to respect the value of diversity, such as inviting performance groups with disabilities. Additionally, we provide separate guidelines from the Inclusion Management team to minimize constraints based on the type, severity, and age of disabilities, aiding understanding and adaptation to the company. We also offer timely educational materials structured to be helpful for disabled employees to thrive in an equity environment, tailored to their tenure. 


Addressing diverse needs 

We provide the best employee experience - we provide personalized support tailored to individual disability characteristics and needs throughout the recruitment process for the best employee experience. Firstly, we conduct tailored interviews and training sessions based on disability characteristics. We minimize mobility issues for candidates by conducting online interviews and provide supplementary text assistance for candidates with severe hearing impairments. Additionally, we collect the types of support needed on the first day of employment in advance, such as setting up PC magnification for visually impaired employees and providing assistance with minimizing physical movement and transportation support for employees with mobility impairments.  

Secondly, we appoint "Captains" to support the adaptation of employees with severe disabilities, such as developmental disabilities. We recruit employees with mild disabilities to serve as "Captains" and provide them with daily and ongoing support to ensure that employees with cognitive disabilities like intellectual or autism spectrum disorders adapt well to the organization. Through collaboration with Captains, we create a work environment where employees with severe disabilities can work effectively. 

Thirdly, we consider suitable welfare benefits for disabled employees. For employees facing difficulties attending social events due to mobility issues, we offer options to replace gatherings to gifts. Furthermore, we provide unlimited parking support without time constraints for physically disabled employees with long commute times within the building, among other support systems aimed at enhancing employee convenience. 


Coupang believes that diversity is our strength. Through the efforts of our Inclusion Management team, Coupang is creating an environment where all employees can grow beyond disabilities.  

We create a workplace where every employee feels valued and empowered to reach their full potential and continues to pave the way for a diverse and inclusive environment at Coupang.