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Meet Summer — Coupang Eats UX Design

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Coupang Eats fosters an open and inclusive culture that encourages individuals to embrace new environment and pursue professional growth. Through a range of team activities and a collaborative atmosphere, all team members are empowered to share their insights, fostering continuous learning and development. We sat down with Summer, who embarked on her career journey at Coupang Eats.     

Let’s meet Summer.     


Please introduce yourself.    

Hi, my name is Summer. My journey with the Coupang Eats UX commenced in 2020. I have contributed to initiatives focusing on improving customer and merchant experiences, and I am now a member of the Delivery UX team, where my core responsibility lies in crafting application designs for delivery partners. I prioritize creating seamless in-app experiences, all while considering the unique working environments of our delivery partners and assisting the growth of our Coupang Eats business. My dedication is rooted in comprehending the needs and challenges faced by both our users and the business at large.    

When did you first start dreaming of becoming a Product Designer, and what motivated you to pursue this career path?    

My academic foundation lies in spatial design, complemented by coursework in UX design, which ignited my passion for product design. The parallels between spatial and user experience design captivated me, offering an opportunity to positively influence lives. Joining Coupang, as my first career, has propelled me closer to this purpose, as I contribute to building products that improve the lives of our diverse customers. I consistently approach my work with the mindset of assessing whether my designs have the potential to positively impact customers.     


Considering Coupang is your first company, how was the adjustment process for you? Additionally, could you describe the culture within Coupang Eats UX team?    

The culture of the Coupang Eats team is defined by its ethos of flexibility, horizontal communication, and collaboration. Here, regardless of experience or seniority, team members are empowered to lead significant projects, and their decisions are respected. This inclusive environment fosters a strong sense of camaraderie, evident in various team-building activities such as Christmas parties, book clubs, game time, and personality assessments like MBTI tests. 

Additionally, our onboarding program equips new hires with practical experience using customer and delivery apps and POS systems. The new hires share invaluable feedback during these immersive experiences, and we gain insights from fresh perspectives to drive continuous improvement. 

To deepen our understanding of the delivery process, members of the Delivery UX team also regularly engage in hands-on experiences with our delivery partner app.   Regular cross-team meetings, including the "Snapshot" gathering, promote collaboration and provide visibility into ongoing projects. Icebreaking activities during these sessions foster meaningful relationships among team members, cultivating a supportive atmosphere.    

Do you feel that you have experienced growth during your time at Coupang?     

Reflecting on my professional journey over the past four years, I acknowledge significant growth in overcoming challenges related to proactivity and feedback. The supportive culture within the Coupang Eats, coupled with guidance from my manager, has been instrumental in my development. My manager provided clear and specific feedback on areas needing improvement, enabling me to create actionable items for each improvement point and supporting me in implementing them step by step. Emphasis on active communication and recognition of my strengths has bolstered my confidence and propelled me forward.   

Recognizing that openly sharing my opinions with colleagues fosters active communication and positively impacts the progress of projects, which has also been a significant learning experience for me.  


Do you also find that you learn from other team members as well?     

I also experience significant growth through collaboration with other team members. When discussing future directions and areas for improvement, our manager offers invaluable assistance, and I glean insights from the feedback exchanged in our team’s design sync sessions. Each team member actively contributes to my development by sharing communication skills, essential knowledge, and task-specific expertise. Particularly, observing how other designers tackle problem-solving during work serves as a source of inspiration for me. I take note of various approaches or memorable feedback and find that applying them when encountering unclear issues for a fresh perspective.      

Regular reading, facilitated by monthly book coupons provided by the company, broadens my horizons, and ignites my creativity. I firmly believe that product design encompasses not only visual esthetics but also the art of clear communication and structured thinking. Reading serves as a conduit to hone these essential skills.  


At Coupang Eats, we provide a supportive environment where colleagues and managers foster the growth of designers. If you are interested in growing your careers in our collaborative work environment at Coupang Eats, explore more opportunities on