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Meet Brown — Coupang Eats UX Design

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In the Coupang Eats UX team, there is a special role apart from Product Designers, and that is the Content Strategist. They work alongside designers to improve the experience of customers, delivery partners, and merchants at every stage of the user journey and aims for a seamless experience.

We sat down with Brown, who is responsible for UX content at Coupang Eats.   


Hello, please introduce yourself. 

Hi, I am Brown, a Content Strategist for Coupang Eats, where I orchestrate our team's UX content writing. My professional journey began in the realm of journalism, weaving stories for a magazine, followed by ventures into content creation and brand marketing within the finance sector, eventually leading me to Coupang Eats. As the Senior Content Strategist at Coupang Eats, I oversee UX content, playing a pivotal role in providing customers with essential information through written content. Across every screen, information is conveyed through text, images, and videos. The Content Strategist focuses on written communication.   


At Coupang Eats, customers seamlessly navigate through the process of selecting a restaurant, ordering from the menu, making payments, and sharing reviews — all with a few taps on their mobile devices. This experience mirrors the offline dining experience, where customers read signage, discount information, menu selections, and recommendations to make informed decisions. Throughout this journey, customers reply to the information provided to make decisions. Likewise, content strategists craft and refine content to optimize the overall customer experience at every step.   


I am curious about what prompted you to start your career as a content strategist, especially the reason you chose Coupang over other companies.  

The roles of content strategist or UX writer may not have been established for a long time, but there have always been individuals performing similar tasks across various services. During my time working for a magazine, I dedicated myself to honing my writing skills, which eventually led me to become a marketer who carefully responds to written communication. As I continued to improve the content of services, I naturally transitioned into a career as a content strategist. I chose to join Coupang because I sought to advance my career in a rapidly growing service and contribute to its ongoing growth.   

What is your most memorable project as a content strategist at Coupang Eats?  

There was a case where we improved the screen within the Coupang app. The existing screen included multiple pieces of information which we wanted to convey at once. By streamlining and refining the content, user comprehension soared, culminating in a surge in app downloads and repeat orders. This underscores the pivotal role of readability and clarity in ensuring that valuable information resonates with our audience.   


What has been the biggest challenge you have faced as a content strategist?  

Personally, I find writing English content to be a challenge. With the Coupang Eats app, customers can easily access the English version by switching the language settings. As someone responsible for creating content in both Korean and English, I aim to maintain a consistent customer experience regardless of the preferred language. However, there could be times when I face difficulties with accurately conveying the nuances and linguistic context of Korean into English. In order to improve our customer’s experience, I am closely collaborating with foreign colleagues and the translation team to establish a robust process for creating English content. Through this collaboration, I continually learn and grow. 

Who do you mainly collaborate with in your day-to-day work?  

I typically collaborate with UX designers. Often, content strategists are often dubbed as ‘content designers’ due to our close interaction and influence on the design process. UX designers provide input on content direction, while content strategists weigh in on design aspects. Once a clear direction is established, content strategists further develop written communication. They conduct research on references, experiment with multiple drafts in the design, and refine the content accordingly. The process moves towards finalizing both the design and content for the ultimate version.   


Could you also elaborate on how you are enhancing your skills as a content strategist? 

Every week, all of Coupang's Content Strategists gather to discuss and share ideas on how our service communicates with customers.  We consider the consistency of content and communication efficiency within the limited space of smartphone screens. Everyone contributes their unique perspectives to refine our content strategy from this perspective. 

While I primarily handled content-based marketing tasks in previous roles and dealt with written communication, my experience in writing from the UX team perspective was limited before joining Coupang Eats. Since joining, I have gained valuable insights from my team on how to observe customers through the lens of usability and trust. Beyond honing my content creation skills, I am learning from colleagues how to align with Coupang Eats‘ overarching goals and values.   


Brown has accumulated experience through various previous work experiences, but the experience of writing content from a UX perspective at Coupang Eats is further refining his expertise in the field. You can also further strengthen your expertise with Coupang Eats. Explore career opportunities on to grow your career.