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Meet Izzie — Tech Sourcing Team

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Why I joined Coupang

Hi Izzie, nice to meet you. Would you please introduce yourself?  

Hello, I am Izzie and I work as a Senior Sourcer in Korea Tech Sourcing Team. It has been around a year since I joined Coupang. While focusing on adapting to my role every day, a year has already passed by. I source local engineers for Coupang and before this, I worked as a headhunter for about 2 years and a tech recruiter for about 3 years. Our team is responsible for sourcing candidates for tech positions and consists of a global and local team. Based on my experiences and background, I focus on sourcing local tech talents. 


We’re curious to hear more about your journey to Coupang. What attracted you the most?

Before sharing why I joined Coupang, I would like to talk about why I chose my career as a Sourcer. The term “sourcer” is still familiar in Korea. Even with experience as a headhunter and a recruiter, I also had to do a lot of thinking whether switching to a Sourcer would help me grow career-wise. Among all the tasks in the recruiting process, I thought sourcing talents was the most interesting and believed that the future holds a lot for this role. I joined Coupang because I thought the scale, expertise, and system of Coupang’s Sourcing Team were one of the best in the industry. I have high hopes for this team.  

Sourcing team

What are you looking forward to the most with Coupang?

My expectations and the reason for choosing Coupang are quite similar. First, I value the collaboration with the people I work with. At Coupang, there are extraordinarily talented people — recruiters, hiring managers, sourcers, and many others in the field. Since joining Coupang, I have been learning voraciously from my colleagues and superiors. I find my work interesting as I follow the steps of my mentors as of today. At Coupang, working with my colleagues taught me to handle and resolve issues that I used to struggle with during my past five years of working in recruiting. Gaining expertise and becoming more independent at Coupang means both personal and career growth for me. Lastly, Coupang’s recruiting is one of the top tier in Korea. We scaled up recruitment for this year, compared to last year, and are endeavoring to bring more talented people to Coupang. I look forward to various projects coming up such as, specialized and productive planning for recruiting and finding talents. 


Any tips you’d like to share with those who are interested in career opportunities at Coupang? 

I have many conversations with candidates interested in Coupang. I always tell them that Coupang still has a lot of potential. Recently, I’ve seen an increasing trend where job seekers and experienced candidates prefer start-up. There may be many reasons for this, but one of them is the sense of employees growing together with the company and the respect for autonomy and responsibility. Coupang is a big global company, but with that kind of start-up culture.  Coupang is an attractive workplace and still has much more to show in the future . A lot than you think.  If there are any hesitations or questions, we provide many opportunities for you to speak with the people in your field at Coupang. Feel free to contact me or Coupang’s Recruiting team.