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Meet Danny — Tech Sourcing Team

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Why I am proud to work for Coupang 

Hi Danny, nice to meet you. Would you please introduce yourself?  

Hi, my name is Danny. I am part of the Korea Tech Sourcing team which sources global talents for various tech positions, such as engineering, design, and product management, by closely communicating with candidates. 

I joined Coupang in June 2021, so it has been already 2 years. I started out as a Recruiting Coordinator in the Business Candidate Experience team. My role was to provide the best candidate experience for candidates who were applying to join Coupang. 

Then, I joined my current team, Korea Tech Sourcing, in September 2022, through an internal transfer. Now I’m mainly in charge of recruiting Product Managers and Product Designers positions. 

Tell us about your latest achievements. We’d love to hear about some of your projects and other outstanding initiatives at Coupang. 

There’s always an opportunity to work on a variety of projects at Coupang. One of the most memorable projects for me is the Talent Pool Program. I got to be part of this project almost immediately after my transfer. 

I served as a testing SME (Subject Matter Expert) in the project. I was responsible for improving the quality and convenience for both users and admins. 

I have had this vague idea about how to solve the problem of not always having the right job openings for our potential candidates. When I heard the goal of the Talent Pool Program, I joined right away without a second thought. 

After 5 months of preparation, we launched the program with the name ‘Coupang Talent Network’ in January 2023. This is a page on our career site that allows the recruiting team to counter-propose or offer positions when there are new job openings that best match our candidates. 

In fact, a lot of people are applying via this program. I hope many more can continue to take advantage of the Coupang Talent Network program to join Coupang. 

What helped you the most in discovering your potential at Coupang?  

Coupang offers various opportunities. We have a corporate culture where the company and the teams are very supportive of you seizing growth opportunities. You get to work closely with talented colleagues. You can also challenge yourself to overcome your own limits based on the Leadership Principles like ‘Aim High and Find a Way’ and ‘Dive Deep.’ I think this kind of work environment where you can see your own growth is the biggest benefit of working at Coupang. 

Before joining the Tech Sourcing Team through the internal transfer system last year, I didn’t have any experience in tech recruiting. It seemed like it would take me a while to get used to the new role because everything was new and unfamiliar. But thanks to the help and support from my team members, I was able to adapt pretty fast. Now I can even take on the role of a buddy, who supports a new joiner in the team. 


What is the next goal in your career?  

Currently I’m looking for ways to help candidates better understand the value of career opportunities at Coupang. 

At a fast-growing company like Coupang, new teams are often created, which leads to new job openings for various positions.  

Choosing a company to work for is an important life decision. I want to convey the value of what is beyond the job descriptions to those considering applying to Coupang. In 2023, I am preparing to launch a project called ICDP (Individual Career Development) to help potential applicants better understand various jobs and teams at Coupang.  

I hope I can fully convey the value of opportunities at Coupang to those who want to grow together with the company and help them throughout the process.