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Meet Gerald — Coupang Global Marketplace

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WYS Blog(Gerald)

Nice to meet you, Gerald. Would you please introduce yourself?

My name is Gerald and I am the Head of Global Marketplace at Coupang. I drive the onboarding and support of our global marketplace sellers. I joined Coupang in 2018 and have been leading Global Marketplace since January 2021.


What is the main role of your team at Coupang? What kind of projects do you work on?

We work actively to enrich the Coupang customer experience by finding and onboarding cross-border sellers who can offer high quality products at competitive prices. Coupang’s global marketplace strives to bring the world to Korea and it’s our team’s job to attract the best global sellers, support them to optimize their Coupang business, and offer them opportunities to expand. One of the most exciting aspects of working in this team is the diverse nature of our projects, including honing our seller management portal experience for overseas sellers and tracking down service providers who will help them wow their customer at every step — from the moment they purchase an item to when it is delivered to their doorstep.


What makes Coupang special in your opinion?

At Coupang, we truly believe in our mission to create a world in which customers ask, “How did we ever live without Coupang?” and this belief guides all our decisions. Along with our fifteen leadership principles, this has nurtured the kind of culture that has produced the fantastic results we have seen. Throughout Korea, we have become synonymous with customer obsession and it’s my goal to ensure our global sellers know that we’re obsessed with them, too.


What are you looking forward to in your current team?

We are constantly trying to show more cross-border sellers the richness of the Korean e-commerce market, which is the 4th largest in the world. We also want to break down

any mental barriers that Korean e-commerce is inaccessible by connecting with sellers and demonstrating how Coupang can take their business to the next level.


What kind of profile are you looking for to join your team? Any advice for someone who would be joining your team?

Given our role in attracting and serving global sellers, we look for people who can think globally and possess a relentless curiosity and drive to make things better. This means not shying away from some lateral thinking and getting their hands deep into the roots of a problem. We also need people who are willing to be absolutely unyielding in improving our cross-border sales experience so that when cross-border sellers want to sell online in Korea, the first place they think is Coupang Marketplace.


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