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Balancing motherhood and career: Meet Ipsita

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My name is Ipsita, and I am currently managing the Project Management team at People Operation Organization. In my role, I oversee people-related projects which involve strategizing, monitoring, and reporting project progress to stakeholders for successful project delivery.  


Maternity leave 

In 2022, I embarked on a journey of motherhood while navigating my career path at Coupang. I came to know of my pregnancy two days before joining Coupang. I was very anxious and apprehensive about joining a new company in my condition. I was wondering if this was going to impact my career at Coupang. I was fearful of getting judged by the team. To add to my anxiety, I started developing severe symptoms of early pregnancy and I informed my manager about my condition.    

However, my manager's supportive response turned my apprehension into an unforgettable moment of joy, one that will always stay with me. I informed him during a review call, which turned into a celebratory moment as he joined me in marking the occasion with joy. After I informed my manager regarding my condition, I received an email saying Coupang is going to support me through this journey and if I encounter any discomfort regarding work timing, workload, or other aspects, I can report it and Coupang will provide assistance in addressing the situation. I had the option to request reduced work hours if I am not able to give my 8 hours per day. I kept on receiving check-in emails to remind me that I should not overwork, and I can raise if I am facing any issue coping with work, in my condition.   

Working from home during my maternity leave allowed me to stay connected with the team, who celebrated and supported me every step of the way. We even shared memorable moments, such as dining at an Indian restaurant, fulfilling my craving before my maternity leave.  

Working mom 

Welcoming a new life into the world was both exciting and challenging, especially as a first-time mother.   

As a foreigner living in Seoul without family support, I extended my maternity leave from 3 months by adding childcare leave for an additional six and a half months. During this time, I entrusted a project to a colleague before proceeding on maternity leave. Throughout my maternity leave, my team stayed in touch, ensuring I remained informed about important news regarding my department and the organization.  

Before proceeding on leave, I held the position of PM. After my return in mid-May, I was appointed as the PMO manager in July, a testament to the recognition of my performance. This transition demonstrated the value placed on promoting talents and providing equal opportunities for career development to me.   

Now, as a mother to my 18-month-daughter, Yaavi, I manage both my work and her schedule diligently. As a mom, apart from my work calendar, I have an additional calendar that I must follow, that is Yaavi’s calendar. Her calendar has vaccinations, doctor’s appointments, daycare events, counselling sessions and more for now and in the coming future, it will get more crowded.    

Family-friendly culture 

Coupang is very flexible in terms of working time and place. I realize it more with every passing day. I can manage my work and schedule to accommodate Yaavi’s calendar as well. I just make sure I complete my work on time and plan my week.  

Family plays an integral role in an individual's life, when an employee joins a company, indirectly the family members get attached to the company. A person who is happy in the family can only be a happy employee. A family-friendly policy brings a sense of accomplishment to a working parent as they can give time and resources to their family without compromising their professional dreams and careers. Employees become more committed to the organization as they understand the quality of life that they are giving to their children is because of the company. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for both employees and employers.   

I am confident that Coupang shares this ethos and is dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace for all.   


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