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Diversity at Coupang

Bring yourself

Coupang employees thrive on openness, celebrating differences, and bringing diverse people together to foster curiosity and learning. We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace that welcomes everyone for who they are. Just bring yourself. Together, we push the boundaries of what’s possible and continue to wow our customers.

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Our unique stories

Coupang works together with Coupang employees to provide awareness regarding diversity, equality, and inclusion — in addition to career and leadership development opportunities.

We are learning and growing faster than ever because we welcome diverse backgrounds and nurture differing perspectives to revolutionize careers, customer experience, and the world.

Working with military

Military veterans use their skills and experience from the military to drive innovation and build the future of commerce across a variety of roles at Coupang every day. Together, we strive to create a world where people wonder, “How did we ever live without Coupang?” See stories of our proud hires from the military at our “Life at Coupang” blog.

People at Coupang

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A more inclusive Coupang

Coupang's employee groups provide personal and professional development opportunities for employees from underrepresented communities.

CREW is an affinity group aimed at contributing to Coupang's diversity and inclusivity. CREW's activities can be summarized into — creating a network of women and encouraging women to develop their careers with executive sponsors' support. CREW will continue to expand its reach to a larger audience going forward.

WIT@Coupang's mission is to create a network of women and supporters to empower women to succeed in the workplace. WIT@Coupang is vested in both personal and professional development of our employees who face growing responsibilities at home and work. With programs focused on sharing information, knowledge, and experience, WIT@Coupang aims to develop more role models for women.

IM (Inclusion Management) team was established in May 2020 to adopt responsible work practices and support efforts to improve job opportunities for people with disabilities. The IM team is responsible for hiring, evaluating, educating, and developing these talents to grow their career with Coupang. The IM team helps the business realize its potential with full consideration of diversity. These efforts are integral under our corporate social responsibility (CSR).