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Why Coupang Pay has an All-hands meeting every month?

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A clear vision and goal have a strong power that binds us together. They serve as a compass that sets a direction and motivates you even when you get lost and fail.  

Going beyond just setting goals to communicate where we are headed to everyone, it is also very important in facing challenges and bringing about innovation as One Team. 

After lengthy and thoughtful consideration, Coupang Pay decided to have an All-hands meeting every month starting this June. Since then, the All-hands meeting has brought us together, sparked an honest conversation about where we are headed between the leaders and employees, and given us opportunities to celebrate our achievements and to check in on how we are doing. 

Kiro is sharing the OKRs

“Our all-hands meetings are about…”  

Coupang Pay sets OKRs every quarter. One of the goals of the All-hands meetings is to make sure everyone is aligned on OKRs, and the meetings are organized with this goal in mind. 

In the All-hands meeting held in the first month of every quarter, we share newly set OKRs and have the Quarterly Achievement Award to reward teams that have made great achievements. The winners are also rewarded with a big cash prize for team meals. 

In the meeting of the second month, we have an open discussion where employees can have an honest conversation. What makes this discussion so special is that everyone can be open and candid about even delicate topics. 

The meeting of the third month is for looking back on how we are doing on the OKRs of the quarter. We share what we have accomplished and where we fall short of as communication and reflection are key in moving forward. 

Vijesh is communicating the vision of Coupang Pay


“Point 1: Hear our goals directly from our leaders” 

Coupang Pay’s leaders, Kiro and Vijesh, communicate OKRs directly to everyone. You can learn why the OKRs are set and what we should do to achieve them. Everyone gets to learn the leaders’ visions and goals even when they miss the chance to meet them in person. 

The winners of the Monthly LP Awards


“Point 2: Awards events full of praises and encouraging words” 

We also have the “Monthly LP Awards,” and “Quarterly Achievement Award” in the All-hands meetings. 

The Monthly LP Awards is an event where the most nominated employees for implementing leadership principles in the workplace are rewarded with a prize and trophy. This is a good opportunity to celebrate and root for the efforts to work by the leadership principles in the unseen places. 

What makes the Monthly LP Awards more fun and thrilling is “live voting.” Nominators share why they have nominated the nominees and then everyone casts a live vote to select the winners. 

The Quarterly Achievement Award is a chance to celebrate teams or projects who have great business impact and bring about innovation for Coupang Pay’s business. The winning team or project group is also awarded a cash prize for team meals where the winners congratulate each other, build up camaraderie, and get energized to move forward and find out new innovations. 

While the purposes are different, both events give the winners fond memories of being praised and encouraged by everyone in Coupang Pay.  

Employees are having individually packaged burgers 


“Point 3: All-employee events with small but fun activities” 

What’s better than gathering around and having good food? Those who come to the venue for the meeting are provided with delicious snacks. For covid-19 safety, snacks are packed individually. 

There is also a new employee announcement where those who have just joined Coupang Pay can introduce themselves, ask questions about life in Coupang Pay, share what they are into recently, and what they do in their free time. They always share interesting hobbies like investing in the US stock market, doing house chores, or keeping a journal, and hearing them share what they love is also a gem of this session.   

The new employee announcement is aired live on Zoom for those who attend the offline venue. 


Coupang Pay is preparing for the upcoming November All-hands meeting. We are all excited about all the interesting sessions (and snacks for sure) the All-hands meeting will bring to us.  

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