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Understanding Fintech Business — Our Business Agora

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How is knowledge sharing done at Coupang Pay? 

Getting to know what other teams do at work is not an easy thing to do, especially when you are busy with your own work. This is the same for newcomers who are eager to get involved and connect with their colleagues.

In light of this, Coupang Pay decided to introduce an engagement program where employees can come together and get a glance at what their peers in other teams do, hoping that this would help employees get a better understanding of the company’s business and facilitate communication among colleagues. 

Let us introduce our knowledge-sharing seminar, Understanding Fintech Business.


What is “Understanding Fintech Business?” 

Understanding Fintech Business (UFB) is one of our engagement programs dedicated to helping both newcomers and incumbent employees at Coupang Pay gain an understanding of the company’s fintech businesses and facilitating communication among colleagues. It is a two-hour, monthly program where the selected teams give a presentation on their areas of business, what they are working on, etc., to the audience. Which team will present & when is coordinated and decided according to the topic to be covered. 

We freely exchange our thoughts and opinions via Slack, and some of the ideas we share develop into a great program. UFB started from the idea that it would be nice if the tech talk session, which originally was a place for developers to keep their fellow developers from different domains updated on the progress of products they work on, could be expanded to cover a wider range of audience. We thought this was a great idea especially since many people had expressed their interest in understanding what other teams do. So, our leaders came together and discussed how to go about with this session.

Screenshot of our leaders actively discussing

After long hours of active discussions, the leaders decided how UFB will be organized, including how the sessions will be arranged and which teams will present on what. And finally in June, we had our first UFB and it was well-received by our colleagues. Would you like to find out how our first UFB seminar went?

UFB is held live both online and offline

Although we are all in the world of fintech business, the depth of understanding in fintech business varies by person. So as the presenter of the first session, we invited Kenny from Business Management and asked him to walk us through his team’s responsibilities as well as some of the projects they have worked on, including CCID and installment financing projects.  

Next, Edwin from Coupay presented on our simple payment services, payment flows and Coupay components with great passion. And our next presenter Goni from Merchant brought humor and wit to his speech in which he told us a story about Coupang Cash. 

Edwin explained complex structures in simple terms 

Goni told a story about Coupang Cash with a great sense of humor 


Months have passed since the first UFB, and it is still smooth sailing. Up to this point, the Global Payment, Settlement, and UX teams have given speeches to their fellow colleagues. The program became more productive thanks to the lectures and slide decks thoroughly prepared by the presenters who had accepted to take the stage without hesitation, and with the help of other colleagues present who willingly elaborated further on the topics they specialize in. 

Screenshots that show how hard the team worked to help Coupang make inroads into the Japan and Taiwan markets and to build a global payment system

Settlement flow, hard to understand yet an interesting concept 

UX Team lived up to its name with these neatly organized & fancy slides


The seminar received positive feedback from the participants for providing an opportunity to learn about other teams’ work through speeches given in simple terms, and also discuss freely the matters that interested the audience. These are some of the feedback we received. 

- Just the fact that there is a seminar like this itself is terrific 

- It was great that both the slide decks and the video clips of the seminar were shared. 

- I was very happy with the interpretation support provided, as it freed us from the language barrier and facilitated communication between Korean and non-Korean employees. 

Our moderator Henry from HR expressed how excited he was to see such a passionate audience, despite the difficulty he had with managing time between sessions due to so many questions and opinions raised during the Q&A session.  

Although it started out as a small tech talk that only involved tech groups, UFB has now developed into a bigger seminar that covers broader topics and became a place to engage all of our employees as it now offers not only tech sessions but also non-tech sessions on areas such as UX, legal and finance. UFB will continue to thrive down the road. 

Check out the job postings in the link below if you are interested in joining the next UFB. 

We are hiring. 
If you are interested, go to the link and find out more about the positions available at Coupang Pay.