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Meet Minjae & Alex — Coupang Business Analysts

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Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your journey to Coupang as a BA (Business Analyst)? 

Minjae: Hello, my name is Minjae and I work as a BA (Business Analyst) for Rocket Fresh. Before joining Coupang, I worked for a Korean multinational company with a vertical corporate culture. This type of traditional hierarchy was challenging for autonomous and creative growth. I was attracted to Coupang seeing how it’s a global company with an ever-expanding business, which could provide opportunities to build in-depth expertise and experience across many business areas and services. I didn’t start out as a BA when I first joined Coupang but became attracted to the position in that BAs have the quickest access to data, ability to analyze desired data to extract insights and create reports, and minds to develop strategies. That’s how I transitioned my career.  

Coupang values data-backed decision-making with BAs in every business department. I'm confident I made the right choice to become a BA when key decisions on internal/external company strategies are made based on BA analysis. It’s very rewarding. 

Alex: Hi, my name is Alex. I am working as a BA in CMG (Coupang Media Group) which leads the ad business of Coupang. I chose Coupang because of its flexible culture that respects every individual’s work style and diversity. On top of that, the fact that Coupang is a company that makes data-driven decisions was very attractive. I heard a lot about Coupang's work style and culture from people who had moved to Coupang earlier, and I thought the culture would fit me well and that I could grow my career. 

As a BA, how do you find the work environment at Coupang? 

Minjae: Rocket Fresh values initiative and data regardless of job rank or career experience. We have a strong horizontal culture where BAs communicate and support each other. This is how individuals with work initiative can lead projects, regardless of job rank or experience, and are encouraged to share diverse ideas in discussions. Coupang’s horizontal organizational structure, along with our customer-oriented leadership principles, creates the optimal environment to develop and advance BA capabilities.  

Alex: The company has a horizontal culture. You can set forth your thoughts regardless of your age and years of experience, and various ideas are always welcome. A BA at Coupang has to 'Dive Deep' and drill down into the details to provide an in-depth analysis rather than just a high-level finding. You can get immediate feedback on your analysis because decisions are made on the spot based on the insights found through the analysis. 



What’s a typical day for BAs at Coupang? What are their monthly or quarterly tasks? 

Minjae: Daily work varies depending on time and priorities, but usually our first task of the day is to check and review previous-day performance. We analyze reports and manage weekly business review metrics. We also develop, report, and automate operations related to business metrics. Monthly/quarterly/annual targets are set by category, analyzing impacts from internal/external factors to derive risks and opportunities. By collaborating with other teams, we provide data analysis and insights to hedge risks, maximize opportunities and support to provide timely business decision-making. 

Alex : I usually start my morning by making sure that the scheduled data tables are properly loaded, and automated dashboards are properly refreshed. Then I check the business and OKR trends to see if there are any issues in the overall business. If necessary, I meet with the key stakeholders and work on a detailed analysis. We have regular business review meetings with the leadership every week and the BA presents the result of his/her analysis directly to the leadership. 


Minjae, you are also a SQL tester. Can you share some tips for potential candidates interested in joining? 

Minjae: Simplify is a Coupang leadership principle that applicants should pay attention to. At Coupang, we deal with large amounts of data and quick business decision making is a must. This means that concise and organized SQL skills are vital to quickly identify and address issues. 


How does working at Coupang help you develop your career as a BA? What are your career goals? 

Minjae: For BAs, soft skills are just as important as technical skills such as SQL, data analytics, visualization, reporting. I believe that Coupang provides the optimal environment to build soft skills. You are exposed to many different businesses to explore new environments, apply strategic thinking to problem-solving and learn by communicating with stakeholder teams. My career goal is to utilize BA skills to own a business at Coupang, apply leadership skills to promote a successful business operation such as Rocket Fresh. 

Alex: Since Coupang has a vast amount of data and is equipped with the infrastructure that is needed for analyses, I can run as many different analyses as I want. Also, there are wiki pages and the BA community through which I can gather information and tips, which are very helpful for my career development. As a BA, I want to gain experience as an analyst in different domains and businesses. Through my experience, I want to become a specialist who can find insights and solve problems through data in various business environments. 


Is there anything that an experienced BA candidate in a different industry should consider? 

Minjae: I believe you can promote your career as a BA in many different businesses as long as you stay curious and have a mindset to learn. At Coupang, we question “why” in what we do and solve problems as we look for answers. You can experience how far you’ve come in this process. 

Alex: I think the biggest difference is the speed of how fast business decisions are made and work is completed. Unlike my previous job, at Coupang, it is required to make fast decisions based on data, and to prioritize tasks to deliver the best outcome by the deadline. Anyone who joins Coupang should be capable of delivering results in a short period of time and be able to deal with such pressure. 


What are the things you like the most about working as a BA at Coupang?  

Minjae: I think Coupang is the optimal workplace to work as a BA. At Coupang, BAs are valued and compensated based on work performance. You also get to communicate with competent BAs through various channels, share knowledge and grow together. 

Alex: I think the culture here is flexible and free. Since there is no set framework or method, you can do things in various ways that fit your personal style as long as you deliver the right results. Another thing that I love about my job is the flexibility I have with my time through working from home and flexible working hours.