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Meet Hugh and Logan — Automation Designers of Rocket Delivery products

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My path to Coupang — Part 2 

“My path to Coupang” is where our recruiters reconnect with employees after they've been hired to talk about how they got to Coupang, what their roles are like, and even some helpful tips for those interested in joining Coupang. 

We met with Hugh and Logan, two Automation Designers that are currently in charge of auto sorting of Rocket Delivery products at Coupang Logistics Services (CLS). 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

Logan: As a Process team member at Coupang Logistics Services (CLS), I install and manage autosorters at “subhubs” that are being rolled out across our network. Subhubs are “sortation” centers, where FC-outbound parcels are sorted by location before they are sent to camps for the last mile delivery.  

In the past, we didn’t have subhubs and autosorters. So the sortation was done manually by camp helpers. Autosorters at subhubs have replaced this manual sortation process to increase the dock-door efficiency while lowering the line haul and labor costs.  

Hugh: I am also part of the Process team, primarily focusing on the maintenance and repair works after the autosorter installation as well as any defects in machinery.  

Logan, Automation Designer 

What kind of experience have you had before Coupang? How has this helped your current work?  

Logan: My first job was at a company that designs logistics automation for semiconductors and display panels. Then I moved to a retail company where I was responsible for designing the optimum layout for machinery. These two career backgrounds equipped me with the full-stack ability to design the layouts of automation systems while verifying the expected functionalities of target machinery.  

Hugh: I started my career off at an engine manufacturer of construction equipment, mostly working for development projects like layout changes and engine/parts replacements. I got to naturally build an extensive field experience. Later, I moved on to an autosorter design company, where I contributed to the installation and setup of autosorters at clients’ sites. I believe my previous career experience and the expertise acquired through the years helped me land at Coupang.  


Why did you decide to join Coupang?  

Logan: I wanted to a more diverse environment and an open-culture where I could truly voice myself. Because I have no fear and am drawn to the new, I ventured into various R&D projects. But I was thirsty for more challenges and sought greater opportunities. Then I came across the PR video of Coupang’s Daegu FC. I knew instantly that Coupang is the place where I can finally spread my wings wide. To be honest, I had this stereotype that you had to be fluent in English since Coupang is a global company. But after talking with a Coupang recruiter, I learned that language is not a barrier at all and we even have an in-house translation/interpretation team. So, I applied and got in.  

Hugh: I want to see the forest, not just the trees. I prefer working for the right solutions, fully understanding, and completing the bigger picture. My previous work involved working on projects with short-term or temporary solutions. So I was seeking for a new opportunity where I can grow my career professionally and believed that was with an innovative company that never stops growing. Coupang was the perfect fit for this description and I am proud of my decision. 

Hugh, Automation Designer 

What's unique about the interview and hiring process at Coupang?  

Logan: I can’t forget the first phone call I had with a recruiter. They were very informative and fully delivered everything I needed to know about the role, the team, and additional details that were not included in the job description. The recruiters at Coupang help you prepare well for the interviews and I felt very comfortable and confident for the interview process. Interviews at Coupang is a true two-way conversation where you get to learn about each other rather than a one-way “test.” Your interviewers will ask you questions tailored to you so you can best showcase yourself. 

Hugh: Just to add, since Coupang conducts several virtual interviews, it’s important to interpret the interviewer’s gestures and make eye contact over the camera. You have enough time to each interview to comfortably showcase your skills without feeling rushed. So make the best out of it. 

In addition, I really liked having one dedicated Coupang recruiter handling the entire hiring process for me. Thanks to the recruiter’s support from the beginning to the end, I had a seamless experience. 

What advice do you have for aspiring Automation Designers at Coupang?  

Logan: Don’t be overwhelmed by multiple rounds of interviews at Coupang. This is worth investing your time if you are truly interested in Coupang. Each interview deepened my understanding of Coupang and increased my desire to join. I also learned Coupang takes its leadership principles seriously. So, I would like to advise future applicants to familiarize themselves with the leadership principles when preparing for the interview.  

Hugh: To those interested in pursuing a career in automation, I encourage you to master Automation Design 101 before applying to Coupang. It would be a great asset to you if you know how to utilize a wide range of tools. 


What makes Coupang such a special place to work? Anything you found different compared to your previous workplaces? 

Logan: Calling everyone by their nickname well represents Coupang’s horizontal corporate culture. In Korean, we also add ‘nim’ at the end, which is a respectful way to address someone. Everyone is open-minded and willing to listen to others regardless of their positions and job titles. Coming from conservative offices in Korea, this culture at Coupang was very new to me. 

Hugh: My colleagues are true fighters inspired by Coupang’s innovative and progressive goals. This means that at Coupang, there are tons of exciting challenges and problems you can solve. ‘Knowledge is power’ holds true at Coupang. I am also ambitious to gain a deeper knowledge of the process at Coupang to add more value and meaningful contributions.  


Any goals you wish to achieve as an Automation Designer at Coupang?  

Logan: My work scope is currently limited to autosorting. Moving forward, I would like to engage more in R&D projects as I strongly believe that subhub is another field with a greater potential. I want to embrace “Learn Voraciously” at Coupang, one of our Leadership Principles, because I firmly believe knowledge empowers you to make an impact.  

Hugh: First, I would like to meet more diverse people at Coupang and build good relationships with my stakeholders and team members. Second, I want to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of Coupang’s overall business process. Lastly, in performing my tasks, I want to focus on keeping on-site machines up and running without any downtime and avoid hardware issues.  

Logan and Hugh in an interview with the recruiting team