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Meet Chris — Coupang Play Machine Learning Engineer

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7.13 Chris Interview 1 화면 대외비에 해당 안 되는 것으로 확인

Coupang Play team has many talents from various fields working together to provide fun, engaging, and various content to our customers. For this, machine learning is an indispensable core technology. Coupang Play’s machine learning engineers create the process of discovering content that is relevant to the taste and interests of our customers.  

Coupang Play’s machine learning sector has interesting challenges ahead, and we’ve met with Chris, who is building Coupang Play’s machine learning system after joining Coupang recently, to learn about his experience so far. 


Hello Chris, can you briefly tell us about yourself? 

Hi, I’m Chris and I currently work as a Machine Learning Engineer at Coupang Play. I oversee building customized systems for each person based on machine learning so that the viewers can find content more easily and conveniently. I’ve joined Coupang only recently, but I’ve been finding it interesting here.  


Could you tell us about your career path before joining Coupang Play?  

I worked at a security control company, developing attack detection platforms based on machine learning. As a machine learning developer, I led many projects for about seven years and contributed to protecting a myriad of Korean companies from cyber-attacks.  


It’s interesting that you moved from the security domain to the OTT (Over The Top) domain. How did you get interested in this field? Also, what made you apply?  

The longer I worked in the machine learning field, the more I grew a craving for creating technology that can be used by more customers. The company I worked for before provided B2B services and thus, I could not fully satisfy my wants. On the other hand, the fact that OTT service is a domain that provides services all day to many customers was interesting for me. In addition, I also thought that it had endless potential after reading that machine learning is creating value worth trillions of won in many OTT platforms and this made me decide to apply.  


How was the process of familiarizing yourself with the OTT service domain? 

At first, I felt a bit frustrated as OTT service was a completely new domain. Therefore, I studied OTT service domains, including Coupang Play, before joining the company. I remember striving to analyze this domain from the perspective of a developer, not a consumer.  

Nonetheless, familiarizing myself with the work was not hard. It was only the difference in the direction in how the technology, machine learning, is used, not the source technology, and most of all, many of the members of Coupang Play helped me. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to them.  


Now we would like to hear about your new journey you started in Coupang Play. What do you do in Coupang Play?  

I oversee the immediate and near future functionality needs of Coupang Play for machine learning. I am also responsible for content search functions and ranking optimization. I “Dive Deep” into many fields and develop for our customers so that Coupang Play customers can have access to the content they want to watch.