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Introducing zero-emission Coupang Car

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스크린샷 2022 10 24 오전 9.43.31


Want to learn how Coupang is making an effort for green delivery amid the climate crisis? Greensumers will surely like this video. Coupang has piloted an eco-friendly delivery system in Jeju for the first time in the Korean industry. The all-new e-Coupang Cars in Jeju emit “zero” carbon. By using Rocket Fresh Bags and reusable bags for packaging, Coupang is achieving zero waste.

Coupang’s innovation in eco-friendly delivery has surprised the residents in Jeju. Watch this video to learn more about e-Coupang Cars.

  • The brand new Jeju Delivery Center 3 [00:15]
  • Is it true that Coupang’s Delivery Center introduced a special system for the first time in Korea? [00:53]
  • Why Jeju residents wave their hands when they see Coupang Cars [01:17]
  • The secret to e-Coupang Cars and why Coupang Friends recommends them [01:33]
  • Key points of Coupang’s green innovation that garnered attention from the academia [01:58]