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[Fintech] Korea Fintech Week 2023

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Coupang Pay took part in Korea Fintech Week 2023, a global fintech fair held from August 31 to September 1.  

The theme for this year’s Fintech Week was "The New Wave of Fintech." It featured 107 companies and organizations that showcased their fintech services and technologies across 72 booths, making it the biggest Fintech Week to date.   

This year was especially meaningful as it was Coupang Pay’s first participation.  

Here’s a glimpse of Coupang Pay’s first foray into Korea Fintech Week.


“Booth Event & Promotional Items” 

Business expos and promotional items are an inseparable pair. This year, Coupang Pay distributed promotional items such as reusable bags, pens, and PopSockets (phone grips), and umbrellas to both existing users of our apps, such as Coupang, Coupang Eats, Coupang Play App, and also to those who installed our apps on-site.

Featuring both an appealing design and practical functionality, our items attracted a lot of attention.

Our booth was bustling with numerous visitors, which seemed to reflect the significant user base of Coupang, where one in every four Korean citizens is a Wow member.  


“One-Touch Payment” 

Introduced in December 2017, One-Touch Payment offers a convenient payment experience that customers enjoy. It enables users to pay with their saved payment method, eliminating the need to enter a password, and processing transactions only when it’s confirmed secure.  


On one side of the booth, we offered complimentary iced Americanos to those who either activated or had already enabled One-Touch Payment.   

Most of the visitors to our booth were already using the service, underscoring the convenience it provides. It was truly remarkable to see how much our services have become a part of our customers’ everyday lives.  

Check out the video clip below if you’d like to learn about the time-saving benefits of One-Touch Payment and how to activate it on our platform. 

"We're hiring" 

External events like business expos offer an excellent opportunity to connect with potential talent for Coupang Pay. We also handed out leaflets to those interested in joining us, providing insights into our great work culture as well as the welfare and benefits at Coupang Pay.  


We are eagerly looking forward to welcoming new members on board and seeing them embark on their journey with Coupang Pay. 

Thanks to the collaborative efforts from multiple teams, the three-day event ended with a huge success. Stay tuned to discover the new service Coupang Pay will showcase at the next Korea Fintech Week.  


We are excitedly waiting for those who will join us to shape better payment experiences and drive innovative financial services. Apply now to join Coupang Pay and Coupang Financial today.