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Coupang hosts its inaugural 2022 Brand Protection Seminar

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Coupang Hosts Its Inaugural 2022 Brand Protection Seminar

On September 22, Coupang held its first Brand Protection Seminar to highlight its latest intellectual property (IP) and consumer protection efforts and deepen its relationship with brand owners, government officials, and other stakeholders.

“Our mission is to transform the lives of our customers and to create a world where customers wonder, ‘How did we ever live without Coupang,’” said Coupang’s Vice President of Legal, Sam O’Brien, in his welcoming remarks to the Seminar. “In everything we do, we put our customers first, and that’s why today’s event is so important to us. Having robust anti-counterfeiting measures in place is key to ensuring that our customers have the best experience possible.”

Coupang has a strict stance against counterfeiting and IP infringement, taking appropriate measures to protect not only the IP of rights holders but also the trust customers have placed in Coupang when shopping for products on its app or website. After working closely with trademark holders, sellers, and government officials on enhancing brand protection efforts and raising awareness on IP infringement, the company organized the Brand Protection Seminar as a forum to discuss its approach, progress, and areas for further improvement.

The event was hosted by Coupang’s IP Legal Team, and featured presentations from the company’s Legal, Brand Management, and Trust & Safety teams. Attendees included representatives of retail brands, officials from various Korean government agencies handling IP, including the Korean Intellectual Property Office, Presidential Council on Intellectual Property, and the Korea Customs Service, as well as representatives from the EU Delegation and the U.S., Belgian, German, and Italian embassies.

During the seminar, Coupang explained the three pillars of its Anti-Counterfeiting Program, comprising measures to preemptively block problematic sellers and listings, proactively remove listings and sellers infringing upon company policies and IP rights, and the processing of infringing listing takedowns based on submissions by rights owners. Preemptive measures included policies such as seller verification and brand gating, requiring stringent documentation for sellers to prove their identities and product authenticity.

The company also employs a variety of technologies to proactively fight counterfeiting and IP violations, including monitoring of listings containing particular keywords as well as the auto-blocking of listings that fulfill various criteria. In terms of reactive measures, Coupang conducts monitoring of product reviews and reports from customers and brand managers, processing over 99% of notice and takedown requests within 24 hours and suspending sellers confirmed to have sold counterfeit goods under a strict zero-tolerance policy. Finally, the company is continually exploring new potential solutions to enhance brand protection, such as algorithm-based detection measures with regards to infringing images contained in listings.

The seminar concluded with a panel of representatives from the European Chamber of Commerce in Korea, the International Trademark Association, and global sportswear brand Adidas, who discussed the current and future trends of brand protection. The panelists all agreed that active cooperation and communication among stakeholders were key to successfully fighting counterfeiting in the digital era, particularly with the online industry. They also expressed their appreciation of Coupang’s implementation of effective brand protection measures as well as proactive cooperation with brand owners and other stakeholders to continue to ensure the effectiveness of these measures.

“Millions of customers trust us for their shopping needs, which is a responsibility we take very seriously,” said Sean Lee, Coupang’s Vice President of Business Management Legal. “We believe our strict measures against counterfeiting help protect the IP and integrity of the high-quality brands of our partners while also helping to ensure customers can rely on Coupang for great, authentic products. We are grateful to everyone for making our 2022 Brand Protection Seminar a success, and we will continue to work closely with our brand partners and government agencies to enhance our customer and brand protection efforts.”

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