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Coupang Ads SMB (Small Medium Business) Diversity Program

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Several different inclusion programs have been held since quarter one, including an all-female session, small-group activities led by external speakers and activities toward creating an organization where everyone can come together. 

Quarter one’s female-only meeting, “InsideOut,” allowed female members to speak frankly based on the theme of diversity and was followed by quarter two’s activities on equality and equity. An outside group of speakers led small-group activities on equity and sessions on the difference between equality and equity, and how to communicate wisely in Coupang. 

Quarter three saw the most ambitious activities yet, which focused on inclusion - taking a small step toward creating an organization where all staff can come together and feel a sense of belonging at Coupang, where no one is excluded, and everyone is recognized for their value. 

The activities saw a group of 95 team members gather and actively participate at an off-site location. Challenges included a team crossword puzzle (“Petit Bac”) and saw high satisfaction in terms of engagement and collaboration; the “Human Knot,” where everyone holds hands and attempts to unite to untie the knot. The activity also saw high satisfaction in consideration for others, collaboration as well as problem-solving. The third and final activity (“Vision Drawing”) had participants suggest ideas for each team, with teams drawing those visions - high satisfaction was once again achieved, especially in freshness, visible results, communications as well as collaboration and engagement. 

The post-event survey showed program satisfaction at 98 percent and understanding of the event’s purpose at 97 percent - displaying an overall high satisfaction of the initiative. In particular, the imaginative and collaboration process of “Vision Drawing” increased participants satisfaction of the third quarter effort. 

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