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Meet Lynn and Paula — Coupang Recruiting Coordinators

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The Candidate Experience team is responsible for managing the entire recruitment process from the beginning of a candidate’s journey applying to Coupang to the onboarding stage. Recruiting Coordinators are dedicated to ensuring a successful recruitment process regardless of its business area. They are an integral part of the recruiting process, along with recruiters, helping our candidates feel “How did we ever live without Coupang?” by providing a sophisticated experience during the journey. We met with Lynn and Paula from Coupang’s recruiting team to hear about their experience and advice as Recruiting Coordinators. 


Hello, thank you for your time today. Could you please introduce yourself?

Lynn: Hi, I am Lynn, a Recruiting Coordinator in the Business Candidate Experience team. I joined Coupang in 2020 and I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years. I am honored to participate in this interview today on behalf of our team. 

Paula: Hello, I am Paula Yang, a Senior Recruiting Coordinator in the Executive Candidate Experience team. I am from Taiwan, but many people think I am Korean since I've been living in Korea for 11 years.  


For those that may not be familiar with the Candidate Experience team, could you please share what your team does and your roles at Coupang?

Lynn: In Korea, the role of a Recruiting Coordinator (RC) is still not very familiar. Here at Coupang, the role of RCs is to “Wow the customer” by providing the best candidate-experience to all applicants throughout their Coupang’s recruitment journey — organizing and prioritizing high volume of interviews, following up with candidates, supportingoffer processes, and onboarding after hiring.  

My team, the Business Candidate Experience team, is responsible for e-commerce business recruiting operations by directly partnering with related recruitment teams. We support the recruitment of several e-commerce roles from Sales Managers to Customer Service roles called Counie. 


Paula: Coupang’s RCs play a crucial role to “Hire and Develop the Best” by identifying opportunities and participating in various ad-hoc initiatives to improve candidate experience throughout the entire hiring process.  

Our team, the Executive Candidate Experience team, is responsible for executives and overseas recruitment operations with a focus on fast-paced interview coordination. We put a lot of effort to manage an immaculate recruitment process for the business environment. 


There are greater needs for Recruiting Coordinator (RC) in many industries these days. Is there a special reason you chose to continue your career as an RC at Coupang? 

Lynn: I joined Coupang because Coupang’s RCs can engage in various recruitment activities 

Recently, I participated in an HR project which involved syncing the data of new employees from our Applicant Tracking System and HCM system. From this initiative, we reduced about 30% of the time spent on the onboarding process, and personally, I could learn “how to identify and solve problems” by interacting with HR teams during the project. This is just an example of a unique experience I could gain at Coupang.  


Paula: I would also like to mention that “internationality” or the global environment is unique to Coupang. When I saw the news that Coupang will launch its business in Taiwan in 2021, I immediately visited our career site,, and checked to see if there were any Taiwan-related job openings. I thought it would be a great chance for me to develop my career since Coupang was expanding its business not only in Korea but also abroad in Taiwan. 

Since I have been working as a Senior RC in Coupang, I was able to work with the Taiwan recruiting team and top global talent teams. As a member of the Recruiting team, I am proud to be able to contribute to the business expansion in Taiwan successfully. 


Paula, we’d like to hear a bit more about your experience with global recruiting? 

Paula: Last year, when Coupang started its recruiting activities in Taiwan, sometimes the lead time in recruiting was delayed and interviews had to be rescheduled with shifting business priorities.  

But we were focusing on long-term goals and wanted to enhance the candidate experience for our Taiwan candidates. So I visited the Taiwan office and I met with the Taiwan Recruiting team. We discussed the problems and worked together to build the rapport ourselves. For example, we fixed the dates and times for the interviews and proceeded according to that schedule. We identified a more efficient way to manage issues when it comes to rescheduling the interviews. 

Furthermore, working remotely in Taiwan, which is actually my home, I was able to spend time with family and friends and eat Taiwanese food that I had missed. Coupang’s flexible work hours and remote work from home policy is another factor that enhances my job satisfaction. 


What skills and competences are required to be a successful Recruiting Coordinator (RC)? Please give a warm word to those who are looking to join Coupang as a Recruiting Coordinator.

Lynn: Coupang is a company that innovates and grows rapidly. The more our business expands, the more challenges we face since we operate recruitment at scale. I believe the ability to systematically perform by setting priorities is required for an RC to excel in a fast-changing environment like Coupang.  

Coupang has a culture where everyone becomes a leader, solve problems, and seek ways to make things better. If you want to grow with Coupang by achieving one of our leadership principles, “Hire and Develop the Best,” join us. 


Paula: Recruiting Coordinators play a keyrole in portraying the image of the company to our candidates during their journey of Coupang’s recruitment process. I believe it is important to communicate with flexibility and also be customer-oriented.  

At Coupang, we are doing our best to “Wow the Customer” and it shows directly in the recruitment process. Our recruitment teams are striving to recruit top-notch talent from all over the world. If there is anyone like me who wants to achieve rocket growth with the global top talents of the Coupang Recruitment team, I would like you to join us. Coupang is truly a place where you can be yourself —  diverse nationality, language, or background is welcomed.