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“I turned my life around thanks to Coupang”: A night-shift manager shares his story

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Jang Jongik

Jongik Jang used to run a private academy before he joined Coupang. The income was unstable and the work stressful, leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. When Jongik learned that Coupang was hiring employees for its night shift, he leaped at the opportunity.

The difference for Jongik was like night and day. “I used to be overweight,” said Jongik. “But as a picker, I got to move around a lot, which helped me get fit.” He added, “On top of that, I get good enough sleep to keep a healthier and more regular lifestyle than before.”

Jongik’s job at Coupang has transformed his life beyond just health. “It was stable and paid well, so it helped me secure a new home with my fiancée,” Jongik said. “Choosing Coupang and working the night shift was a turning point in my life. Thanks to Coupang, I got healthy and am also getting married!”



This article is from the Coupang Newsroom and to read more please visit here.