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Coupang’s global female leaders spotlight series: Meet Silvia and Jessie

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To mark International Women’s Day, Coupang celebrates our female leaders achievements and highlights the extraordinary contributions of some of them. At the heart of Coupang’s journey is a commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and innovation.  

Through the three-part article series, Coupang will introduce seven women in global offices with unique roles and share their insights and advice. Let’s first meet Sylvia and Jessie.  

As the Senior Director of Coupang Marketplace, Silvia oversees a team of over 100 employees. She is responsible for assisting sellers, particularly small and medium businesses, in growing their presence on the Coupang platform. Silvia recently joined Coupang Korea office as she recognized the immense potential for growth and innovation at Coupang. Drawn to the company's entrepreneurial spirit and risk-taking culture, Silvia felt a deep connection to the company’s mission to build the future of commerce.   


Silvia strongly believes that a diverse team brings different perspectives to the table, ultimately leading to a better understanding of seller and customers’ needs because our sellers and customers are also diverse.   

As a mother of two boys, she also understands the challenges faced by working parents. She actively supports the female employees on her team. Silvia understood that achieving a perfect harmony between work and life is impossible. Instead, she learned in predicting her time better to manage and balance her responsibilities. By ruthlessly prioritizing her work, Silvia has become more efficient, ensuring that she has the right support from family and works to manage her various hats.  

Therefore, Silvia ensures that her team members can effectively harmonize their work and personal lives by promoting flexibility in working hours and locations. Silvia views working mothers as role models who can demonstrate that it is possible to maintain a successful career and private life.    


She believes that women show remarkable empathy and support, contributing to a strong and genuine line of communication within the team. So she additionally encourages young women in the workplace to be more vocal: "Sit at the table, speak up, and seize the opportunities. Believe in yourself and your work.” She supports female team members to actively participate and engage in the discussions and decisions rather than staying on the sidelines, silent to become more confident. She also advises building a strong network of mentors and peers, as she has received invaluable advice from various mentors throughout her career to grow by herself. 

Jessie oversees government affairs at Coupang Taiwan, nurturing relationships between the company and government entities. This includes connecting with government officials, advocating for the company's interests in policy discussions, and navigating the regulatory landscape. Recently, she led a successful cross-team project, organizing and executing Coupang's second fulfillment center's launch ceremony in Taiwan last November. This event was a collaborative success, hosting senior Taiwan and U.S. officials, garnering favorable responses, which significantly helped them develop the right perception of Coupang in Taiwan.  


Jessie emphasizes the importance of open communication and fostering a supportive work environment in government affairs. She finds inspiration from women leaders who embody these principles, motivating her to promote an inclusive workplace culture. She believes inclusivity is essential for building positive relationships between Coupang and the diverse communities we serve. The Taiwan office has partnered with social welfare foundations and health organizations, making constructive contributions through donations and collaborations to society.   

Jessie, a proud mother to a 16-month-old toddler, also knows the ongoing challenge of balancing family and career, while she appreciates Coupang's flexible work arrangements. It helps her manage both family needs and professional commitments efficiently and creates an inclusive work environment for all.  


She advises next young leaders to lead with kindness, empathy, and compassion, as these qualities create a positive and supportive leadership style. This can also help break down barriers and foster a sense of belonging and connection. She also stresses the importance of prioritizing physical and mental health, recognizing that a balanced and healthy life equips one to lead effectively. 


Coupang is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse work environment where everyone can be themselves. Coupang empowers our employees to reach their full potential and believes that inclusive work environment is essential for fostering innovation and success.  

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