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"I’ve become a mentor to connect young people to personal growth and development." — Grace, Recruiting Coordinator at Coupang

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Coupang uses its leadership principles every day both internally and externally. When it comes to “Hire and Develop the Best,” we recognize exceptional talents and invest resources to develop their full potential.  

On May 19 and 26, Grace, a Recruiting Coordinator from Coupang participated in "GM Youthzone," a mentoring program to support young people hosted in collaboration with an organization called Youthzone by the city of Gwangmyeong. 

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Grace participated as one of the five mentors to help young people with job preparation and interviews. 


The first session was about how to write a resume and cover letter. Grace also shared tips on how to overcome the difficulties you might face in real situations. By listening to various stories from students who are starting job hunting to experienced professionals who are preparing for an industry change, we learned how to highlight their unique strengths on documents. 

In the second session, we shared hands-on tips for job interviews and learned about what you’re already doing well and what needs to be improved by conducting mock interviews. We recorded the mock interviews so that you can see yourself and check your behavioral habits and tone & manner. 

These sessions were so informative that it felt short. Grace said it was also a rewarding time for her as she received positive feedback from young mentees with comments like, "I gained confidence in how to prepare for the application process," and "I learned more about the detailed process of what’s required to apply to a company from the perspective of the HR team." 

This program gave an opportunity to foster future Coupang colleagues and customers. As the main mentor who represented Coupang, Grace commented, "I was very proud to have the opportunity to help young people fully showcase their skills and potential when applying for a job. I’m also thankful to Coupang for allowing me this opportunity. I felt once again how passionate Coupang is in hiring and developing talents." 

Coupang is always recruiting talent with various experiences and a lot of potential. Learn about our teams and apply to job openings to take your career to the next level. We have opportunities for everyone from entry-level to senior positions — in marketing, design, engineering, customer service, and many other innovative teams. For more information, visit our Coupang Careers website