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“Why I use Coupang”: CPLB customers share their stories

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“Why I Use Coupang” CPLB Customers Share Their Stories


Coupang is on a constant mission to provide the widest selection of great products at the lowest prices and best service. Coupang Private Label Brands (CPLB) is a case in point — customers are loving the incredible high-quality products that they can find with Coupang’s private brands like Gomgom and Comet, at prices that are significantly lower than comparable products.

“If it wasn’t for CPLB products, things would have been very difficult for me financially,” said Hae-young Kim, a mother of three. “I purchase many baby products that I need to raise my kids, and I can see that many more people are using CPLB products than I expected. The products are offered at a low price and they have good quality as well.” She added, “If you’re raising kids, Coupang is a must.”

Song-yi Han, a mother of two, heartily agrees. “I used to spend over 2 million won (around 1,500 dollars) on food,” she said. “Gomgom has cut that spending in half! And with Rocket Delivery, I don’t have to travel long distances, the prices are good and the selection is wide, and my kids absolutely love Gomgom nuggets!”

Even small businesses are seeing the benefits of CPLB products. “Before I started this restaurant, I didn’t know that kitchen tools cost so much money,” said Seong-min Jeon, the owner of Italian restaurant Classicdang. “Because I started buying all my kitchen tools from Comet, I was able to save a lot.” He added, “With the way prices are rising these days, without Coupang, I would have been in hot water.” And with small businesses comprising nine out of 10 CPLB partners, the growing popularity of CPLB products is helping even more small businesses find success.

“CPLB is a model example of our mission to break the biggest tradeoffs between price, service, and selection for our customers,” said a Coupang representative. “We will continue working with quality small business partners to share even greater benefits with customers and small businesses alike.”

This article is from the Coupang Newsroom and to read more please visit here.