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Supporting our Coupang family with “Coukids” daycare centers

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쿠팡 보도자료 이미지 쿠키즈 직장 어린이집 개원

Coupang continuously strives to be the best place to work, and being a family-friendly workplace is essential to that goal. This is why Coupang has established on-site daycare centers, creating an even better workplace for our employees and their families.

 “Coukids” centers are on-site daycare facilities for infants and toddlers aged 1 to 5, which provide professional childcare and education services run by the Hansol Hope Childcare Foundation. Last year, Coupang established Coukids centers in Seolleung and Wirye to provide childcare for Coupang Friends, the company’s directly-employed fleet of drivers, as well as other employees working in the respective areas.

The open and playful interiors of Coukids centers are designed to foster the imagination and creativity of the children in their everyday lives. The centers contain a variety of experiential learning and play spaces, including the “Reading Garden,” where children can discover a variety of books to pique their curiosity and sense of wonder, and “Atelier,” where they can explore and interact with different objects.

Through the “Forest of Discovery” program, the children can gain a variety of different experiences outside of the classroom in nature, engaging in physical education, music, art, and other special activities. The centers are also staffed with English teachers so that the children can be naturally exposed to English in their daily lives.

The Coukids program is one of the many ways through which Coupang is building a supportive work environment and promoting a healthy work-life balance, particularly for Coupang Friends and other frontline employees. In addition to providing paid parental leave, insurance, tuition support, and other benefits, Coupang sets maximum work hours for Coupang Friends far below the logistics industry average. The company also provides Coupang Care, the first paid health promotion program in the industry, which provides four weeks’ paid leave and free personal health services to drivers so they can focus on their personal well-being.

“We aim to create an exemplary workplace so that our employees can continue wowing customers and providing a differentiated experience,” said a Coupang representative. “Coukids is just one of the many ways we take care of our Coupang family, and we will continue improving the Coupang experience for employees and customers alike.”

This article is from the Coupang Newsroom and to read more please visit here.